26 March 2015

  |  CBI Updates Team


Majority, minority or coalition – we can't afford power vacuum

Launching the CBI’s priorities for the first 100 days of a new administration, John Cridland stressed that whatever form the next government takes – majority, minority or coalition – we can’t afford a power vacuum that unsettles investors or political trade-offs which could risk undermining the recovery.

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The first 100 days of a government is an important period during which the tone can be set for the parliament ahead. Best foot forward highlights actions to be taken during this time which would set the UK on course for greater investment and opportunity for all.

Priorities include staying on top of the public finances and reducing the deficit; maintaining a competitive and stable tax system that rewards enterprise; ending the prolonged debate over aviation capacity; improving our skills system to equip young people for the future; and setting out an achievable and ambitious EU reform agenda.

Given the perennial challenges all governments face trying to turn policy ideas into reality, we are also urging the new government to focus on how delivery can be improved. This includes sticking with policies that work, tackling fewer but higher priority issues, and recognising where government itself isn’t best placed to deliver solutions. 

Together with our business manifesto, published in September, this forms the business vision for the whole parliament and it’ll be our calling card with members of the new government.

Visit an interactive version of the CBI’s priorities and for instructions about how to promote the issues that matter most to you via social media. 

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