21 December 2016


Making a success of Brexit

When the UK voted to leave the European Union on 23 June 2016, it was clear that businesses would be faced with change. CBI’s new report ‘Making a Success of Brexit’ aims to set out the priorities of sectors and by doing that, give clarity on the issues that apply across sectors, helping the government to maintain the key principles of openness, stability and certainty of trade, immigration, regulation and funding that are shared by all. 

Making a success of Brexit

In the months following the UK’s vote to leave the EU, the CBI has undertaken a wide-ranging consultation to gather the views of the business community. Companies and trade associations - from advertising agencies and airport operators, to water suppliers and warehousers - have contributed their views. Our new report, Making a Success of Brexit, is the result of that consultation. Featuring a sector-by-sector breakdown, over 50 trade association partners, and quotes from a wide range of CBI members, this report gives a unique whole-economy perspective on the UK’s departure from the EU.

The UK’s new relationship with the EU must be one that meets the needs of every sector of the economy. This may seem a challenge, as some industries prioritise certain issues over others, and of course there are areas of disagreement. But there are six principles every sector agrees should guide the UK’s negotiation with the EU:

  1. A barrier-free relationship with our largest, closest and most important trading partner
  2. A clear plan for regulation that gives certainty in the short-term, and in the long-term balances influence, access and opportunity
  3. A migration system which allows businesses to access the skills and labour they need to deliver growth
  4. A renewed focus on global economic relationships, with the business community at their heart
  5. An approach that protects the social and economic benefits of EU funding
  6. A smooth exit from the EU, avoiding a "cliff-edge" that causes disruption

Businesses are the source of economic growth, jobs and opportunity in our communities, and have a vital role to play. Leaving the EU will be a complex process and the effects of decisions for one sector will have profound effects on others. Business’ responsibility is to ensure government is informed by the best information to make these choices. The CBI therefore stands ready to help the government understand what leaving the EU means for the complex, integrated system that is the modern UK economy. We will continue to help provide the views and evidence needed to make the right decisions and seize opportunities. 

Businesses have told us that the Brexit negotiations are conducted is also vitally important. The challenges of productivity, industrial strategy and spreading growth across the UK’s regions and nations must also all be met to build a more prosperous economy that works for everyone. Industry across the UK is committed to playing a constructive role in the process and the CBI urges the government to embrace partnership, opportunity and evidence so that together we can get the best deal for the UK.

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