16 May 2016

  |  CBI Press Team


Our response to new higher education proposals

Ahead of the Queen’s Speech the CBI has responded to new Government plans for higher education reform and innovation.

Our response to new higher education proposals

CBI Deputy Director-General Josh Hardie, said:

“Our world-class universities are a great British success story, so it’s good that the White Paper proposals have taken on board the business view – building on and expanding the diversity of our higher education provision, which already is a brilliant asset.

“Skills shortages across our economy show we need to take action. It’s right to focus on high-quality university teaching, as well as giving students and employers greater transparency.  Where new universities develop, it will be vital that students from all backgrounds know their degrees will be rigorous and help them build a great career – as with existing institutions. Piloting new approaches carefully, to ensure the right results, will be an important part of this.

“Businesses had raised concerns about the future of InnovateUK funding, which supports innovation partnerships. It’s good to see that the Government has taken steps to maintain this funding alongside, but separate from, the funding distributed by the Research Councils.”