2 June 2017


Submission to the Taylor Review

The CBI makes the business case for a labour market which is both flexible and fair in our submission to Matthew Taylor’s independent review of modern employment practices

Submission to the Taylor Review

The UK’s flexible labour market is an invaluable strength of our economy which should be protected. Yet fairness and how people are treated in the workplace is equally important. The CBI’s submission to Matthew Taylor’s Independent Review into Modern Employment Practices emphasises that work can be both flexible and fair. 

Read the full submission – Work that works for all  

The UK’s employment rate is the highest since records began in 1971, and 97% of firms say the UK’s flexible labour market is important to their competitiveness. Flexibility benefits both business and workers. There is a growing need from workers to have more flexibility – whether to allow them to balance work with caring or study commitments for example, as part of a phased retirement, or as alternative income when work in their preferred occupation is unavailable.

Fairness is determined by treatment in the workplace, not the type of contract. Good work engages employees and offers scope for progression and development. Delivering this is not just the right thing to do, but vital to raising productivity. The CBI submission made clear that demonising certain types of work is not the solution. New laws won’t be a silver bullet, instead the CBI called on the government to create a labour market which is both flexible and fair through a partnership between business and government to spread good working practices and change workplace culture. 

The CBI’s written evidence was reported in both The Telegraph and The Times, highlighting that new forms of flexible work deliver real economic benefits and are a positive choice for most people. The proposals can also be seen in BBC Economics editor Kamal Ahmed’s report that Matthew Taylor is set to propose a “right to request” fixed hours.  

The review is expected to publish its final recommendations in June and the new government is set to evaluate its policy suggestions over the summer.  

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