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Explore the latest Brexit news with the CBI. With an information network that includes around 200,000 UK businesses of various sizes and industries, we provide a diverse range of news on Brexit and its implications. Our updates cover Article 50, hard and soft Brexit news and when the UK will leave the EU. We also create reports on related factors, such as the evolving UK-EU relationship, which you can find on the CBI site.

Image of Bye Bye Brexit Blues?

Bye Bye Brexit Blues?

CBRE MD Adam Hetherington highlights why London will continue to prosper in a post Brexit world.

Image of Brexit White Paper published

Brexit White Paper published

CBI view on the government’s Brexit White Paper.

Image of Brexit: the business view

Brexit: the business view

80 per cent of CBI members want to stay in the EU and with analysis from PwC, it’s easy to see why: leaving the EU would cause a serious shock to the UK economy, potentially costing £100bn and 950,000 jobs

Image of Economic impact of Brexit

Economic impact of Brexit

The CBI has released new independent research showing that ‘Brexit’ could cost the UK economy £100 billion and 950,000 jobs by 2020.   

Image of Brexit: reflections from Europe

Brexit: reflections from Europe

Our closest neighbours remain deeply anxious about the UK’s decision to leave the European Union but, at the same time, goodwill runs deep, as does the desire for a constructive outcome

Image of Brexit sector focus: agriculture

Brexit sector focus: agriculture

Farming is big business in terms of the EU’s budget, and will be big on Brexit negotiators’ agendas, too

Image of Brexit Explained – Data Protection

Brexit Explained – Data Protection

In this episode, we hear from CBI Director of Innovation Tom Thackray, about data protection and regulation.

Image of Brexit & EU negotiations

Brexit & EU negotiations

The CBI’s relationship with 190,000 businesses of all sizes across the UK gives us a unique insight into what Brexit means for UK prosperity. On this page you will find our priorities for a renegotiated UK-EU relationship, publications & analysis and materials to support CBI members.

Image of Brexit sector focus: transport

Brexit sector focus: transport

How UK companies get goods to and from the Continent in the future will be a matter for the EU negotiations – and changes to border controls and customs could impact transport efficiency