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  • CBI @10am: Economic outlook: a year in review

CBI @10am: Economic outlook: a year in review

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  • CBI @10am: Solving shortages - how can D&I help?
    Diversity and Inclusion

    In this episode, recorded on 26 January 2022, we discuss creative diversity and inclusion strategies firms can use to mitigate recruitment challenges, including deep dives into the over 55s and neurodiversity, how we’re anticipating shortages to play out in 2022 and beyond, and what your business can do to prepare and what tools and resources the CBI have to help you plan and implement new measures.

  • CBI @10am: Unpacking shortages - behind the headlines

    In this session, recorded 19 January 2022, we discuss energy, supply chains and labour shortages that firms are currently facing, and what businesses can do to mitigate these ongoing challenges. Chaired by Liz Moseley (Tortoise Media).