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Work with other businesses to help redeploy people from low to high demand jobs

Any business can join our working group to help redeploy people from low to high demand sectors. The group meets virtually every 2-3 weeks. You’ll be making a difference to keeping the UK moving by:

  • Making connections with other businesses offering / needing help
  • Sharing resources, guidance and ways of job matching
  • Addressing policy or business barriers preventing businesses like yours from redeploying people.

We have already made connections between firms, shared success stories within our working group, and fed business concerns on legal barriers into government.

Case studies

Learn from other businesses who've benefited from redeployment

Get started

Get support with redeployment if you’re not sure where to begin.

  • Connect with other businesses

    The first step is to identify those businesses you can help, as well as those who can help yours. Join the CBI’s Redeploying People Challenge Group to hear the latest insight from businesses on their gaps, and to connect where there’s a skills match. 


  • Use job matching and skills platforms to redeploy staff

    Talent Exchange is a free job matching platform, powered by and supported by McKinsey and CompanyThe platform matches candidates to jobs using AI based skills and hiring requirements to support employers and individuals impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. Find out more.

    Initiatives include agriculture: Pick for Britain amalgamates agriculture job opportunities, engineering, manufacturing, aerospace and technology: Talent Retention Solutions supports redeployment and skills development across sectors, aviation: Miramar Connect matches ex-cabin crew with jobs in different sectors, based on their experience, freight and transport: Freight and Transport Association’s #LogisticsHelpsLogistics Twitter campaign, social care: North London Councils’ Proud to Care Portal has adult social care redeployment opportunities, Reed’s Keep Britain Working initiative helps identify redeployment opportunities to preserve jobs and protect livelihoods, AnyGood? allows you to recommend your staff for other jobs, Skills Development Scotland’s Job Hub, Pearson’s UK Learns provides online courses to help the UK workforce learn new skills and earn qualifications or accreditations that could open up better career opportunities.

  • Tell us about your challenges 

    Join the CBI’s Redeploying People Challenge Group and tell us about any issues that are preventing you from engaging in redeployment. We will work with you to address them and feed any common barriers into government. 

What government support is available?

  1. Coronavirus support from Jobcentre Plus: their website has been updated to help firms fill the gaps in high demand sectors by supporting jobseekers and employers. It includes useful information on which sectors have a high level of job vacancies and how to demonstrate transferable skills.
  2. Advice on furloughed workers: read the government rules and restrictions on how you can help furloughed workers get a second job in a high demand sector, or undertake volunteer work.
  3. Cabinet Office legal guidance (forthcoming): the Cabinet Office will be publishing legal guidance on ‘secondment-style’ redeployment agreements in the coming weeks; we will update this page as soon as this is published so please check back again soon. 
  4. The Skills Toolkit: The government has launched an online learning portal, with open and flexible courses which employees can use to develop their digital skills.

Join our Redeploying People Challenge Group to feed back and ask questions on the guidance when it is released. 

Be inspired

How are other businesses stepping up?

  • Midcounties Co-op has employed temporary workers formerly in the hospitality sectors who do not have work due to COVID-19. 
  • Reed has relaunched its Keeping Britain Working campaign (originally set up after financial crash) to help keep people in work and reduce unemployment.
  • Pernod Ricard has partnered with The Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET) to offer Level 1 Spirits courses online for free for former hospitality workers. 
  • The Freight Transport Associations has launched #LogisticsHelpsLogistics, a new social media campaign which seeks to help companies and workers in the sector by connecting them with available logistics staff and companies. 
  • Anygood? Is offering its platform for free so employers can recommend employees who have been made redundant into new roles. 

Find out more about our work

Redeploying people is part of the CBI’s Biggest Challenges Project

Redeploying people is part of a wider initiative to bring businesses together to address the social and economic challenges presented by coronavirus. You may also like to get involved in our mental health challenge - which helps businesses step up to support employees and their families - and our helping families in hardship challenge – which looks at support initiatives that help vulnerable groups.