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21 - 22 November 2022 The Vox Conference Centre, Birmingham

Annual Conference Annual Conference

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Exciting speakers
  • Exciting speakers

    Bringing together exciting speakers from business and politics

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    Hear how government can support business in these challenging times

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    Network with senior business and political leaders from across the UK... 

  • CBI Annual Conference Dinner 2022

    ...during a reception and dinner with a guest speaker. 

World Class Speakers

Confirmed speakers include:

Conference programme

  • 09:00
    Simon Eaves
    Simon Eaves

    Fringe event: Unlocking hidden value through technology investment

    We all know that digital transformation has been critical in helping companies survive, and grow, through the turmoil of the pandemic years. We also know that it is possible to waste a lot of money on technology that doesn’t deliver as expected.

    Join Accenture to hear their thoughts on technology adoption through that framework of growth.
    Hear from their experts on what they feel are the most essential technologies for boards to implement, dig into best practice and explore that constantly fluctuating line of responsibility between the business and its technology support.

    This session, located in the ‘Accenture’ room is open to all conference delegates but the room does have a limited capacity and so we recommend that you register here (you must register for the full conference to register for this session).

    • Simon Eaves
      Simon Eaves CEO UKI, Accenture
    • Matt Prebble
      Matt Prebble Strategy & Consulting Lead UKI, Accenture
    • Nick Rosa
      Nick Rosa Metaverse Strategy Lead in Europe & Growth Markets, Accenture
    • Maddie Walker
      Maddie Walker Industry X Lead UKI, Accenture
  • 10:00
    Tony Danker
    Tony Danker

    Welcome and opening keynote address

    How can Government and business work together on a radical new roadmap for growth and maximise the UK’s competitive advantages in challenging times.

    Hear from the CBI Director General, on behalf of the CBI membership, on the opportunities that the business community sees for the year ahead.

    • Tony Danker
      Tony Danker Director General, CBI
  • 10:15
  • 11:05
    Andy Briggs MBE
    Andy Briggs MBE

    Panel debate: Creating the headroom for growth

    Against a backdrop of inflationary pressures, spiraling costs and labour and supply shortages, businesses are doing their best to ensure that rising costs do not stand in the way of their long-term growth plans.

    How are firms adapting their approach in the face of these challenges? How can government signal to firms and investors that the UK is open for business?

    Join this session to discover:

    • How leading companies are implementing successful strategies to tackle these challenges
    • Rewards and opportunities for business in the current context
    • What more can be done to support UK business to thrive.

    • Andy Briggs MBE
      Andy Briggs MBE CEO, Phoenix Group
    • David Bunch
      David Bunch UK Country Chair, Shell
    • Szu Ping Chan
      Szu Ping Chan Economics Editor, Telegraph
    • Rain Newton-Smith
      Rain Newton-Smith Chief Economist, CBI
    • Sharon White
      Sharon White Chairman, John Lewis Partnership
  • 12:10
    Simon Eaves
    Simon Eaves

    In discussion with Simon Eaves, CEO UKI, Accenture

    How to be a business leader in 2023: In the face of a cost of living crisis and an uncertain economic outlook, businesses are doubling down on the agility they used to navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic. Leaders cannot afford to 'wait and see' what 2023 brings, they need to be the effectors of change, releasing capacity to enable their business thrive and not just survive.

    This fireside conversation will be moderated by CBI Director General Tony Danker and feature keynote speaker, Simon Eaves, UK & Ireland Market Unit Lead at Accenture.

    Join this session to hear about:

    • Why transformation needs to be a thread that runs across all levels of leadership
    • How modern leaders are reinventing their acquisition of talent to tackle skills shortages
    • Why sustainability goals need to remain at the forefront of business growth
    • Simon Eaves
      Simon Eaves CEO UKI, Accenture
    • Tony Danker
      Tony Danker Director General, CBI
  • 12:30
    World Cup 2022
    World Cup 2022

    Lunch / World Cup 2022: England vs Iran

    Keen to watch England v Iran? We’ll be showing it on a giant screen. Grab some lunch and network over the game.

  • 13:00
    Syma Cullasy-Aldridge
    Syma Cullasy-Aldridge

    Lunch discussion: The reality behind the rhetoric

    Join this exclusive chat with leading Westminster analysts for:

    • Their take on the current political backdrop
    • Discussion of the morning’s speeches
    • What the current government positioning means for business, the economy and going for growth.

    • Syma Cullasy-Aldridge
      Syma Cullasy-Aldridge Chief Campaign Director, CBI
    • Sebastian Payne
      Sebastian Payne Whitehall Editor, FT
    • Gemma Tetlow
      Gemma Tetlow Chief Economist, Institute for Government
  • 14:00
    Mehreen Khan
    Mehreen Khan

    Lunch discussion: Tomorrow’s economy - what you need to know today

    There have been significant shocks to the domestic and global economy in 2022 – what might 2023 have in store?

    Get cutting-edge insight from the CBI’s award-winning Economic Analyst on:

    • The current global and UK economic picture
    • Implications for the year ahead, and what it means for you
    • The risks and opportunities that the macro-economic picture might bring for business.

    • Mehreen Khan
      Mehreen Khan Economics Editor, The Times
  • 15:00
    Robert Evans
    Robert Evans

    Panel debate: A thriving UK is essential for growth

    Ensuring every region and nation of the UK is firing on all cylinders is good for business and society. It drives productivity and creates quality jobs with improving wages. But what does this look like in practice?

    Gain critical understanding from senior stakeholders on:

    • How business and local leadership can collaborate on new models of delivery to maximise private investment
    • Unlocking new sources of regional prosperity from the net zero transition and sector clusters
    • Deepening and broadening access to local markets, boosting regional prosperity.

    • Robert Evans
      Robert Evans Joint Managing Partner of Argent and Partner, Related Argent
    • Stephanie Hyde
      Stephanie Hyde Chief Executive, JLL UK
    • Jeni Mundy
      Jeni Mundy Global SVP Merchant and Acquiring, Visa
    • Rob Shuter
      Rob Shuter CEO Enterprise, BT
    • Andy Street
      Andy Street Mayor, West Midlands
  • 16:00
    Anne Chassagnette
    Anne Chassagnette

    Panel debate: Achieving green growth in times of crisis

    One year on from COP26, climate commitments for decarbonisation have changed dramatically. While increasing numbers of extreme weather events have reminded us of its urgency, the energy crisis and geopolitical risk has inflated costs and thrown markets into crisis.

    Amidst a global energy watershed and geopolitical turmoil, businesses must still lead the UK's transition to net zero.

    Join this session to:

    • Hear first-hand what the COP27 commitments will mean for business
    • Get a head-start on scenario-planning so your business can continue to progress on decarbonisation
    • Hear more about how the UK could lead the way on achieving net zero.

    • Anne Chassagnette
      Anne Chassagnette Group Chief Sustainability Officer, Johnson Matthey
    • Professor Mercedes Maroto-Valer
      Professor Mercedes Maroto-Valer Director, UK Industrial Decarbonisation Research and Innovation Centre (IDRIC)
    • Mark Muldowney
      Mark Muldowney Managing Director, Low Carbon Transition Group, BNP Paribas
    • Laura Sandys CBE
      Laura Sandys CBE Non-Executive Director, Energy Systems Catapult
  • 16:45
    Sean Doyle
    Sean Doyle

    Panel debate: Growing globally - UK success on the world stage

    Climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic and geopolitical tensions have brought into sharp focus the importance of resilience, deglobalisation and diversification.

    How are companies finding new sources of trade opportunity and expanding supply chains?

    Join this session to:

    • Deepen your understanding of how geopolitical risk can impact your business
    • Hear from firms successfully tackling these challenges, bolstering their resilience and mitigating risk
    • Capitalise on the opportunities a dynamic global landscape can create.

    • Sean Doyle
      Sean Doyle CEO, British Airways
    • Dominic O'Connell
      Dominic O'Connell Business Correspondent, Times Radio
    • Sarah Pollard
      Sarah Pollard Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director, PZ Cussons
    • Susan Rienow
      Susan Rienow UK Country President, Pfizer
    • Jelena Sevo
      Jelena Sevo Chief Strategy Officer, RELX
  • 17:30
  • 19:30
    Nisha Katona
    Nisha Katona

    CBI 2022 Annual Conference Dinner

    Join us at the CBI 2022 Annual Conference Dinner taking place directly after the drinks reception.

    Over a dinner of delicious Indian food, you'll have the opportunity to network with senior business leaders alongside CBI Director General Tony Danker and new CBI President, Brian McBride.

    We'll also be joined by a high-profile guest speaker - book your 2-day ticket with dinner package now to secure your place and avoid disappointment.

    • Nisha Katona
      Nisha Katona CEO, Mowgli Street Food
  • 08:30
    Karen Young
    Karen Young

    Fringe event: Diversifying your workforce - why it matters to senior leaders

    Interactive panel session hosted by Hays focused on how employers are innovating to access untapped talent and focus on recruiting for potential against a backdrop of continued skills shortages.

    Join this fringe session to learn about:

    • The business case behind diverse workforces and inclusive workplaces
    • Areas of untapped talent that employers are accessing
    • Resources available to support the entrants and leavers to the workforce.

    This session, located in the ‘Hays’ room is open to all conference delegates but the room does have a limited capacity and so we recommend that you register here (you must register for the full conference to register for this session).

    • Karen Young
      Karen Young Director, Hays
    • Mary Bright
      Mary Bright Head of Social Affairs and Age Special Adviser, Phoenix Group
    • Nick Connolly
      Nick Connolly Managing Director, End Youth Homelessness
    • Richard DeNetto
      Richard DeNetto Senior Proposition Manager, Changing Workforce, CBI
    • Ednah Otieno – Oduor
      Ednah Otieno – Oduor HR Director, Diageo
  • 09:30
  • 09:45
  • 10:35
    Sandra Henke
    Sandra Henke

    In discussion with Sandra Henke, Global Head of People & Culture, Hays

    The key ingredient needed to deliver on your strategy is people, but competition for talent is at an all-time high. Businesses that maximise their attraction and retention strategies will be best placed to beat the squeeze.

    Hear from CBI Annual Conference strategic partner Hays on:

    • How to address acute skills shortages and attract and retain key talent
    • How you can innovate to stand out from the crowd
    • Cutting-edge practices that some firms are using to stay ahead.

    • Sandra Henke
      Sandra Henke Global Head of People and Culture, Hays
    • Tony Danker
      Tony Danker Director General, CBI
  • 10:55
  • 11:10
    Alastair Campbell
    Alastair Campbell

    Panel debate: Health and wellness at the heart of growth

    The cost-of-living crisis has highlighted the links between health and wealth. Corporate profit and the role industry plays to alleviate societal pressures has shot up the agenda once more. Business can capitalise on the trust built during the pandemic by investing in the health of the nation and the wealth of society.

    Join this session to discover how you can:

    • Treat employee health as an investment not a cost
    • Use your health and wellbeing provision to drive productivity and support talent retention
    • Embed social-purpose in your strategy, operate as a force-for-good, and create a virtuous circle.

    • Alastair Campbell
      Alastair Campbell Journalist
    • Darryn Gibson
      Darryn Gibson CEO, Sciensus
    • Tom Keith-Roach
      Tom Keith-Roach President, AstraZeneca
    • Rebecca Passmore
      Rebecca Passmore UK Managing Director, PureGym
    • Amanda Pritchard
      Amanda Pritchard Chief Executive Officer, NHS England
  • 12:00
    Tim Davie
    Tim Davie

    In discussion with Tim Davie, Director-General, BBC

    At the heart of successful clusters are authoritative organisations and institutions – be they companies, universities, or other public bodies. These ‘Anchor Institutions’ provide strong leadership and can be the catalyst for building confidence among investors of future opportunities and provide the acceleration of new investment into the region which can power growth. The BBC’s economic impact across the UK is vast, both through its broadcasting but also through its commercial activities at home and abroad.

    Hear from Tim Davie on:

    • The importance of personal and business leadership
    • The role of the BBC in driving growth in the UK’s regions and nations
    • How the BBC is re-positioning itself with new audiences.
    • Tim Davie
      Tim Davie Director-General, BBC
    • Ahmed Goga
      Ahmed Goga Director of Thriving Regions & Clusters, CBI
  • 12:30
  • 13:30
    Deborah Meaden
    Deborah Meaden

    Beyond the Den: In discussion with Deborah Meaden

    In an increasingly tough climate for doing business, what does it take to succeed? Entrepreneur and Dragon’s Den investor Deborah Meaden joins us to share her experience of helping businesses across multiple industries.

    Join what promises to be a lively conversation to hear Deborah’s unique takes on:

    • The lessons learnt from her investments and time in business
    • The responsibility leaders have to “think green”
    • How to grow from start-up, to IPO, to buy-out.

    • Deborah Meaden
      Deborah Meaden Business Leader and Investor
    • Matthew Fell
      Matthew Fell Chief Policy Director, CBI
  • 14:30
    Mark Bailie
    Mark Bailie

    Growth stories: the magic of unicorns

    The UK’s most ambitious scale-ups don’t just go for growth - they are in a perpetual state of hyper-growth. With revenues often doubling every year during the scale-up stage, a young venture’s search for talent and finance is all-consuming. In the past 10 years, UK entrepreneurs have created over 100 unicorns (private businesses with a valuation in excess of $1bn), third only to the US and China. But with other countries catching-up, does the UK need to raise its game and develop a cohort of ‘Decacorns’?

    Join this session to

    • Learn how four of the UK’s most ambitious founders scaled their businesses
    • Understand the unique barriers to growth that scale-ups face, and how - in these tough economic times and with unique barriers - they intend to sustain their growth
    • Hear how the economy benefits from Unicorn scale-ups, and why Decacorns are the next big opportunity.

    • Mark Bailie
      Mark Bailie Chief Executive Officer, Compare the Market and BGL Group
    • Euan Blair
      Euan Blair Founder and CEO, Multiverse
    • Greg Jackson
      Greg Jackson Founder and CEO, Octopus Energy Group
    • Jamie Mitchell
      Jamie Mitchell Founder and Director, All Together
    • Romi Savova
      Romi Savova Chief Executive Officer, PensionBee
  • 15:20
    Poppy Gustafsson OBE
    Poppy Gustafsson OBE

    Beating the invisible threat to growth: In discussion with Poppy Gustafsson, CEO Darktrace

    From attacks through fish tanks to hackers leaking proprietary information when ransoms aren’t paid, there is no shortage of stories about how businesses’ cyber defences have been breached in recent months. How can business boost their cyber-resilience and stay ahead?

    Join the CEO of cyber-defence firm Darktrace to find out the very latest on:

    • The increasingly sophisticated cyber threats that businesses face
    • How you can innovate, adapt and use AI to mitigate risks
    • Best practice, and practical tips and tricks in case the worst-case becomes reality.

    • Poppy Gustafsson OBE
      Poppy Gustafsson OBE Chief Executive Officer, Darktrace plc
    • Syma Cullasy-Aldridge
      Syma Cullasy-Aldridge Chief Campaign Director, CBI
  • 15:50
    Brian McBride
    Brian McBride

    The world ahead

    To finish the Conference, we’ll look at what you might expect from the year ahead. What are the major political, economic, and social shifts that lie ahead and what does this mean for your risk register and growth plans for 2023?

    • Brian McBride
      Brian McBride President, CBI
    • Tony Danker
      Tony Danker Director General, CBI
  • 16:30



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