CBI @10am: Levelling-Up - a national mission?

CBI @10am: Levelling-Up - a national mission?

CBI @10am: Levelling-Up - a national mission?

30 March 2022


10:00 - 10:45



Levelling-Up - a national mission?

The government’s ‘Levelling-Up’ White Paper provided an in-depth assessment of the regional inequalities which have hamstrung the UK’s economic potential for generations. It offered a blueprint for how government can be rewired, and how the private sector can be activated, to power long term prosperity for every community across the nation. But does this strategy go far enough and how does business need to respond?

Join Ahmed Goga (Director of Regional Policy & Clusters, CBI) and Stephanie Hyde (Chief Executive Officer, JLL and Chair of the CBI’s new Thriving Regions & Nations board) for an expert discussion, including:

  • An introduction to the CBI’s rapidly expanding ‘Thriving Regions & Nations’ programme and why this is a key moment in our economic history
  • An update on the current political environment, including the ‘levelling-up’ agenda and shortages, and what this means for regions and nations across the UK
  • Key opportunities for CBI members to get involved in the new Thriving Regions & Nations programme.

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