CBI @10am: How can the UK accelerate regional investment?

CBI @10am: How can the UK accelerate regional investment?

CBI @10am: How can the UK accelerate regional investment?

18 May 2022


10:00 - 10:45



How can the UK accelerate regional investment?

Against the backdrop of the government’s ‘Levelling-Up’ strategy, the CBI’s new Thriving Regions and Nations policy team and steering board are exploring the many ways businesses can help drive investment to all corners of the UK.

In the third part of our miniseries on Thriving Regions and Nations, our guests will be asking – how can businesses accelerate regional investment?

Join Matthew Fell (Chief UK Policy Director, CBI), Chris Sood-Nicholls (Managing Director, Regional Generation, Lloyds Banking Group), Hayley Holness (Head of New Business, Lendlease), and John Godfrey (Corporate Affairs Director, Legal & General) for an expert discussion on:

  • Unpacking vehicles for ‘investment’ and what businesses and the financial sector have already been doing to support regional development
  • What’s needed to make an area attractive to attract both domestic or inward investment, and how you can build on existing strengths
  • The role of both the government and private sector in accelerating regional investment and how they should work together.

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