CBI @10am: Solving shortages - maximising hybrid working

CBI @10am: Solving shortages - maximising hybrid working

CBI @10am: Solving shortages - maximising hybrid working

16 February 2022


10:00 - 10:45



Solving shortages - maximising hybrid working

Labour and skills shortages remain the number one challenge in the new year and so the CBI is running a mini-series on shortages to help organisations understand and tackle these issues.

In the fourth part of this series, we’ll look at how businesses can use hybrid working to effectively recruit and retain talent, manage the impacts of shortages, and provide new ideas and guidance for the short, medium, and longer term.

Join Matthew Fell (Chief Policy Director, CBI), Kate Price (Group HR Director, Wilko) and Mark Catchlove (Director, Global Insight Group, MillerKnoll) for an expert discussion on:

  • What organisations have learned about hybrid working so far, and how this has informed their long-term strategy
  • In the ongoing fight for labour, how hybrid and flexible working patterns can help firms attract talent
  • How businesses can ensure their hybrid and flexible working strategies are effective and retain talent.

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