CBI Virtual Workshop - understanding and responding to external risks

CBI Virtual Workshop - understanding and responding to external risks

CBI Virtual Workshop - understanding and responding to external risks

15 October 2020


09:30 - 12:00




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Now is the time to invest in developing your capability to understand the external risks facing your business, and scan the horizon for opportunities

At the end of 2019 business leaders were looking to understand the policy positions of a new UK government with an ambitious legislative programme. Six months on, and the country has been left reeling from one of the greatest external risks to face our people, businesses, and society in modern times. The external risk profile in the UK and globally has changed since the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic.The landscape has altered dramatically, and business leaders continue to grapple with ambiguity and face complexity in anticipating and understanding external risks and how to mitigate them. Against the backdrop of our response to Covid-19, now is the time to review all potential sources of external risk, to ensure nothing gets overlooked going forwards and to understand a holistic picture of the challenges facing business over the coming months and years.

Armed with the CBI’s latest intelligence and access to government insights, you will leave this online workshop with the knowledge needed to identify external risks, adapt your business plans to the changing environment, and make better, evidence-based decisions. This workshop will help you understand what the impacts are likely to be, and enable you to mitigate the risks, and identify the opportunities presented, through an open and frank discussion with experts and peers.

Having attended this workshop, delegates will:

  • Gain insight into the current external environment, risks and opportunities
  • Understand how to apply knowledge using analysis tools (e.g. PESTLE)
  • Use outputs to inform strategic business plans, forecasting and reporting for external audit
  • Develop the perspective to look at converting unknowns into opportunities

Workshop Programme

This virtual workshop will be delivered in two interactive virtual modules over a two-week period. Each module will contain a mix of presentation and discussion activities designed to provide you with subject matter knowledge, build your capabilities and change your mindset. You will also be provided with a self-study exercise to complete in between the two modules.

You should plan for a time commitment of up to 3 hours per module, plus 2 hours of self-study.

Module 1

What do we mean by external risk and why is it important?

  • Relevance and importance of understanding the UK and global external environments
  • Responding to ambiguity and change, and manging/protecting against with crisis situations

Understanding the political climate

  • UK and global outlook
  • Leadership and opposition agendas – what do they mean for business?
  • The two biggest issues of the year – are you prepared to move forward in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic and Brexit?

Assessing the economic climate

  • UK and global economic outlook
  • Legal, taxation and regulatory compliance

Module 2

Changing social expectations, potential policy outcomes and environment

  • Impact of Coronavirus and its huge consequences for business and society
  • Moving to net-zero and climate change activism
  • Technology, innovation and cybersecurity
  • Responding as a business to societal inequalities, the diversity and inclusion agenda
  • Are you making the most of opportunities?
  • Risks of being left behind

What does this mean for me and my organisation?

  • Impacts and risk assessment
  • Practical planning
  • Q&A


Sessions will be held with a variety of speakers from CBI:

  • John Foster, Campaigns Director, CBI
  • Anna Leach, Deputy Chief Economist, CBI
  • Tom Thackray, Director of Infrastructure & climate change, CBI
  • Felicity Burch, Director of Innovation, CBI

October Workshop Dates

  • Module 1 - 15 October, 09:30 - 12:00
  • Module 2 - 22 October, 09:30 - 12:00

Note: delegates need to attend both modules to complete the workshop

Who should attend?

All CBI members and non-members are welcome.

Those most likely to benefit from attending are:

  • Business Leaders
  • Senior Managers
  • Public Affairs Professionals



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Can't attend?

If you can't make it but are still interested, this workshop is also taking place in November and December:

November 2020 - Book your place

  • Module 1: 12 November | 09:30 - 12:00
  • Module 2: 19 November | 09:30 - 12:00

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