In Discussion with Transport for Wales

In Discussion with Transport for Wales In Discussion with Transport for Wales

30 September 2020


15:00 - 16:00



In Discussion with Transport for Wales

Join the discussion on how businesses are planning their employees’ return to work and the impact these decisions will have on commuter transport networks in light of the social distancing measures.

As the economy emerges from hibernation, Transport for Wales are working to ensure public transport is as safe as it can be for employees who cannot work from home. Have your say and share your experiences to assist TfW by providing information around people flows which will assist manage demand. We hope this discussion will lead to greater information sharing between your organisation and Transport for Wales as we all work together to “Stay Alert. Control the Virus. Save Lives”.

The session will bring together employers, transport operators, and different government stakeholders, including representatives local and national government organisations, to share information about demand on commuter networks. This information will be vital to Transport for Wales in planning future services.

Your feedback is welcome on the following questions:

  • Is your company seeing employees travelling into work in the same way as they had done before the outbreak? If not, what changes are you planning on implementing? What challenges are staff raising about their commutes that could impact their ability to return to the workplace over the coming months?
  • How can businesses, regional operators, local and national government best coordinate to manage demand on commuter networks for the future?
  • How can the transport operators be assisting business to build confidence in their employees?

You’ll particularly benefit from this event if you are:

  • Business Leader / CEO / COO
  • Strategy VP / Director
  • Finance Director
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Corporate Affairs Director


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