Member Consultation

Member Consultation Member Consultation

18 May 2021


15:00 - 16:15



Member Consultation - Shape and update the UK’s Points-Based Immigration System

Have your say by telling us what you would improve about the new points-based system.

With the government committed to reforming sponsorship as part of the rollout of the new post-Brexit UK Immigration system, the CBI membership have a window of opportunity to define what those changes will look like.

As part of our engagement with the Home Office on this reform, the CBI will be holding two member consultations. We want to hear both how businesses have found engaging with the new PBS, and what puts them off engaging with the system altogether.

To maximise the insight of these roundtables, each event is targeting different audiences. This segmentation is key for us to understand the existing issues and the prospective issues for new users.

Further Information

This roundtable is targeted to those members who have little to no experience in using either the old Tier 2 system and the new PBS.

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Colette Cunningham

Colette Cunningham

Events & Sponsorship Manager - Scotland