Member Consultation

Member Consultation Member Consultation

16 June 2021


11:00 - 12:00



Member Consultation on FE Workforce and Industry Exchange

Following the launch of the Skills for Jobs White Paper and planned legislation on Skills and Post-16 Education, join us at this roundtable with the Department for Education to develop proposals on workforce exchange between colleges and industry.

The session will focus on how providers can collaborate with firms to ensure the FE teaching workforce remains informed by industry professionals and expertise. It will also touch upon how teaching staff can support employers in approaches to training and workforce development.

The white paper represents an opportunity to build good practice across the FE sector, ensure teaching remains up-to-date and supports opportunities for skilled employment.

We will be keen to explore, in a Chatham House B2B environment, the following questions:

  • How can teaching staff get more up-to-date experiences in industry to help businesses meet their workforce needs?
  • How can businesses co-inform and deliver curriculum in partnership with providers?
  • What do firms value from providers when planning training and workforce development?
  • What examples of externships, secondments or workforce exchange have worked effectively?
  • What is the role of the CBI and government to build good practice across the FE sector?

Department for Education participants:

  • Bethany-Mai Wain, Policy Lead, Department for Education
  • Gillian Hillier, Director of Careers and Further Education, Department for Education

 CBI participants:

  •  Matthew Percival, Director, People and Skills, CBI
  •  Alissa Dhaliwal, Head of Education and Skills, CBI
  • Aaron Revel, Senior Policy Adviser, CBI

Further information

We are aiming this session specifically at members who have expressed an interest in skills reform and have a working understanding of the government’s objectives in the Skills for Jobs White Paper. Places are limited.

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Colette Cunningham

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