Member Consultation

Member Consultation Member Consultation

07 September 2021


10:30 - 11:30



Member consultation on the Future of English Devolution

Following the Prime Minister's speech on Levelling Up, join us for this virtual roundtable to discuss how to deliver English devolution in all parts of the country.

We’ll be joined by Neil O’Brien MP, who has been tasked with writing the Levelling Up White Paper and is keen to understand how to empower leaders in all parts of the country to drive the levelling up agenda. This includes a specific focus on those areas who have yet to secure a deal, including in non-metropolitan and county areas.

We are looking for CBI member views in three key areas:

  1. In areas without a deal, what have been some of the barriers to securing devolution, and how can these be overcome?
  2. What is the business view on devolution in England, including what has worked well and to what extent this can or should be replicated in other parts of the country?
  3. Are there any short term steps that government and business can take to make further progress on delivering more devolution in areas who are currently without a deal?

Further information:

This session is by invite only and will be held under the Chatham House Rule. It is aimed at members who have an understanding of, or are interested in further devolution in England, including those without a devolution deal already. You can find more information on the CBI’s position on devolution in our 2019 report Powering Up Places.

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