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Member Consultation Member Consultation

29 September 2021


10:00 - 11:30



Member Consultation on Open Innovation: Removing old barriers to new ideas

Open innovation means taking a bold, non-traditional approach to research and development. As firms recover and look to the future, embracing new ideas will be vital to remaining competitive in a rapidly evolving marketplace. But what is open innovation in practice, and how can small and large firms work together successfully in this way?

Join business leaders from a range of business sizes and sectors,  to learn more and gain practical knowledge on:

  • Establishing shared strategic goals
  • Protecting intellectual property (IP)
  • Creating an effective innovation pipeline from development to delivery.

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This event is part of a series of roundtables that kick start the CBI’s new Innovation campaign, Big Fish, Little Fish in partnership with Kainos. The CBI, and its network, will bring together some of the most dynamic businesses, both large and small, with the aim of improving how firms work together to innovate. As it develops the campaign will also look to help firms create new partnerships based around shared best practice.

This is your opportunity to gain insight into how other businesses are approaching innovation relationships and feed your experience into a major project that is part of the CBI’s efforts to help companies thrive as the economy recovers. 

Who should attend?

We want to learn from businesses big and small, across sectors, interested in innovation through collaboration. This roundtable is aimed at senior executives with significant experience of working with external partners to innovate or with a particular expertise in this area.

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