Member Consultation

Member Consultation Member Consultation

21 April 2022


13:00 - 15:00



Member Consultation on local skills improvement plans

The CBI has been supporting Chambers of Commerce across the country to pilot Local Skills Improvement Plans (LSIPs). The aim is to produce plans on a regional basis which will assess and help to address the skills needs of local business.

Join us at this member roundtable to directly feed in your thoughts and insights on the new LSIP regime.

The information gathered from the roundtable will be used to:

  • Identify what worked well in the LSIP pilots
  • Identify learnings and improvements required
  • Inform a CBI submission to government making recommendations as to how LSIPs should operate.

This roundtable is your opportunity to specify how the LSIP regime should work, where you think money should be invested and how training and education should be delivered.

We are particularly interested in hearing about:

  • Whether you took part in the LSIP pilot and if not, why not?
  • The key skills gaps in your sector
  • What parts of the pilot worked well and what improvements could be made?
  • Whether there is anything else you think government should be doing to increase business investment in skills?
  • Any other comments you have on the LSIP regime.

We hope you will be able to join the call but if not please feel free to share your thoughts on the above with Victoria Geroe.

Where the pilots have been happening and which Chamber of Commerce has been leading:

  • West of England (Business West CoC)
  • Cumbria (Cumbria CoC)
  • South Yorkshire (Doncaster CoC)
  • Leicestershire (East Midlands CoC)
  • Kent (Kent Invicta CoC)
  • Tees Valley (North-East England CoC)
  • Lancashire (North and Western Lancashire CoC)
  • Sussex (Sussex CoC)

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