Member Consultation on Data

Member Consultation on Data Member Consultation on Data

09 June 2022


10:00 - 11:30



Making the most of your data

Is your business making the most of its data? Why not?

Over the last three years, businesses have demonstrated incredible ingenuity, rapidly embracing technology and innovation. But many firms now have more data than they know what to do with, and face challenges in making full use of their data for growth.

In short, businesses are sitting on a productivity and growth goldmine but are held back by common challenges. Unlocking the value of data, especially in the current economic climate, can be a real market advantage and help firms address the strong headwinds they’re facing – from energy costs to labour shortages.

Join us for the kick off roundtable in our Making the Most of Your Data series, which looks at the barriers businesses are facing in using data and supports your business in implementing industry-leading solutions to stay ahead in an increasingly tight market.

This roundtable will bring together business leaders to identify common challenges in using data effectively. We’ll use this insight to shape the rest of the series that will identify innovative solutions to these challenges and share best practice across the UK economy.

A complete agenda for the event will be shared with attendees prior to the date.

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Katie Spackman

Katie Spackman

Events Manager – Wales