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Member Consultation on Data

Member Consultation on Data Member Consultation on Data

21 July 2022


09:30 - 11:00



Making the Most of Your Data: How can you build a successful data strategy?

Asking the right questions and getting your data in order are the first steps to making the most of your data

Accelerated by the wave of technology adoption that occurred during the pandemic businesses now have more data, in more varied forms, than ever before. Despite these digital assets being an invaluable resource for firms, research from DCMS has highlighted that only 26% of companies use their data to generate business insights.

In response to this acute issue, the CBI has launched the Making the Most of Your Data series, which looks to identify the barriers businesses are facing in using data, and to support firms in implementing industry-leading solutions to stay ahead in an increasingly tight market. 

Recent consultations with CBI members highlighted several key operational questions business leaders have faced when attempting to maximise the value of their data. This includes:

  • How can you create a strategy to collect / measure the right data?
  • What role or department should ‘own’ particular data? 
  • How can poor data quality and management be addressed? 
  • What digital infrastructure (systems, technologies) needs to be in place to achieve businesses objectives? 
  • How can firms develop and upskill staff to use data effectively?

At this roundtable business leaders will have the opportunity to:

  • Share common challenges on these issues, and provide examples of the impact on their operations
  • Hear about and share innovative solutions, case studies and best practice to overcome these challenges and create a framework for success – and shape our toolkit
  • Meet face to face and network with other leaders interested in this important topic

This is an invitation only event.

This meeting is aimed at senior business leaders I.e. CTO, or other board/Director level.  

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Katie Spackman

Katie Spackman

Events Manager – Wales


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