Member Consultation on Shaping the UK’s New Data Regime

Member Consultation on Shaping the UK’s New Data Regime Member Consultation on Shaping the UK’s New Data Regime

19 October 2021


10:00 - 11:30



Member Consultation on Shaping the UK’s New Data Regime

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport (DCMS) is consulting on changes to the UK’s data regime, Data: A new direction. The proposals aim to maintain high data protection standards whilst helping innovative businesses to use data responsibly and ensure the ICO is equipped to regulate effectively in a data-driven world. The consultation will run for ten weeks, closing on 19 November.

The government is looking to amend key aspects of the current data regime, including:

  • Reducing barriers to data sharing for responsible innovation - including further processing, legitimate interests, and support for AI adoption
  • Reducing burdens on business by reframing requirements to enable flexibility - including Subject Access Requests and Cookie notices
  • Tackling barriers to international data flows - including approach to adequacy decisions
  • Reforming the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

Data is one of the most important resources for businesses. It is used by businesses of all sizes and sectors across the economy. Ensuring that the UK has the right data regime will allow businesses in the UK to innovate and thrive internationally.

The future of the UK’s data regime remains an important agenda for business and the CBI alike. Data has a fundamental role to play in transforming the UK economy in the years to come. A data regime that provides businesses with regulatory certainty and citizens with high data protection standards they can trust, can create the necessary conditions for a prospering data-driven society- and help us to Seize the Moment.

Share your insights and shape the UK’s changing data regime

Join us for a joint CBI / DCMS roundtable on 19 October where members will be able to directly consult with the government to share their views. We will be joined by a Deputy Director level contact from DCMS.

The CBI is particularly interested to hear responses to the following:

  • How will the proposed new regime affect your business and your sector?
  • What aspects of the new regime are likely to be most challenging for business?
  • Where do you agree with the government’s approach?
  • Which components of the new proposed regime need further consideration?

Please contact Charlie Markham if you have any questions.