North East Member Discussion

North East Member Discussion North East Member Discussion

26 January 2021


16:00 - 17:00



North East Member Discussion - Leading by Example on Mental Health

Your monthly opportunity to join other senior executives to discuss and shape the CBI narrative on the issues that most matter to you. Exchange thoughts and ideas in a Chatham House setting chaired by Sarah Glendinning, Regional Director, North East, CBI.  

Join us to discuss how the pandemic has brought the challenges of mental health to the forefront of agendasFor leaders, the sense of responsibility for your employee’s health, well-being and associated productivity has only risen as the pandemic has unfolded.  

‘Leading by example’ does not mean navigating these challenges alone, and neither are you expected to be mental health expertsBut we can learn from each other, share good practiceand become more informed about how to best support good mental health outcomes.  

During the call we will be considering the following questions: 

  1. What is the culture like in your organisation? Does it look to understand, seek to support and deliver on this agenda? 
  2. As a senior executive how are you and the Board demonstrating ‘leading by example’ to break down the stigma that can surround mental health challenges? How do you show the importance of this to your teams? 
  3. How do you demonstrate the importance of looking after mental health to your organisation? 
  4. Have you developed your own mental health strategy? Or have you partnered with other organisations to support you with this? 
  5. And have you considered ‘growing your own’ support structures? (e.g. mental health first aiders) 

These Webex meetings are an opportunity for members to share their experiences, gain different perspectives on similar challenges and take away some key insights on the current economic situation. The CBI will use this insight to inform our conversations with government and ensure the voice of business is heard. 

This Webex meeting is for CBI members only.  

You’ll particularly benefit from this event if you are Board or Executive Level. 

Book your place today:

Webex dial-in details will be sent in the joining instructions a few days before the event once your place has been confirmed.

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Hannah Collins

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