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21 September 2021


10:00 - 11:00



People and skills network on shaping solutions to solve the labour squeeze

Competition for people and skills is now more acute than ever as businesses face a perfect storm of labour shortages. Vacancy growth is at its highest rate in over a decade, affecting the UK’s recovery and growth potential and challenging the logistics, food production, hospitality and retail sectors in particular.

This is on top of chronic skills shortages across the UK labour market, especially in digital and STEM. The COVID-19 crisis has also increased the number of EU workers leaving the UK, as well as decimating firms’ ability to adjust to the end of the Brexit transition.

And this is where you come in.

Join this sprint-style breakout session to inform the CBI’s policy response, tell us how labour shortages are impacting your sector, and feedback on what you need most.

We will explore the following areas with members:

  • What roles are you struggling to recruit for and what impact is this having on your business?
  • What is causing people and skills shortages, and what barriers are you experiencing in overcoming them?
  • What steps has your business taken to ease people and skills shortages, and how sustainable are these as a long-term solution?
  • What action should the government take to address the people and skills shortages affecting your business, and what will be the impact if it doesn’t?
  • What’s your view of the CBI’s policy ideas and their effectiveness in addressing people and skills shortages for your business?


10:00 CBI welcome

10:02 Setting the scene
Gaelle Blake, Head of Permanent Appointments, Hays

10:07 Identifying the scale and nature of current labour market issues
Matthew Percival, Director for People and Skills, CBI

10:15 Sprint-style member breakouts
Join one of our cross-regional breakouts to:

  • Brainstorm solutions (15 mins)
  • Evaluate CBI solutions (15 mins)
  • Provide feedback to inform the CBI’s policy response (10 mins)

10:55 Session summary and close

Who should attend?

This event is exclusive to CBI members and particularly suitable for HR Directors and senior executives responsible for HR.

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Emelie Forsberg

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