People and Skills Network (East of England)

People and Skills Network (East of England) People and Skills Network (East of England)

11 March 2021


10:00 - 11:00



People and Skills Network (East of England) on Reskilling

This industry-based forum for peer-to-peer sharing and learning will consider the key HR challenges and opportunities affecting UK business. During this session we'll be discussing how UK businesses and education providers are planning for, and tackling, the UK’s reskilling challenge.

Analysis conducted by the CBI and McKinsey & Co prior to the coronavirus pandemic found that 90% of the UK’s workforce will need to acquire new skills by 2030, placing reskilling high on the priority list of both businesses and the government. Meanwhile the pandemic has created a more challenging labour market which has only exacerbated the national reskilling issue.

The latest CBI reskilling report estimated that the UK will need £130bn of additional funding to meet these skills demands and business and government alike will have to increase their investment to support the training and development of the UK workforce. A new and more flexible type of provision to support this transition will also be needed.


  • Richard DeNetto, Associate Regional Director, CBI East of England
  • Nic Trower, Senior Policy Advisor – Education & Skills, CBI

You'll particularly benefit from attending this event if you are a:

  • Chief of People
  • Head of HR
  • HR Director
  • Director of People / Talent
  • Diversity and Inclusion Lead

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Anne Cullom

Anne Cullom

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