People and Skills Network (North East)

People and Skills Network (North East) People and Skills Network (North East)

24 February 2021


10:00 - 11:00



People and Skills Network (North East) on Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mental health has become one of the biggest concerns for employers since the beginning of the pandemic with a significant proportion of the UK workforce working from home on a permanent basis. Many employees have had to juggle work and home schooling commitmentsas well as being put on furlough, whilst the dividing lines between work and life have faded. More than ever employers can play a key role in providing the right support to their employees’ wellbeing.  

The objective of this session is to facilitate a discussion around members’ experiences, best practice, and practical steps to enable businesses to better support the mental health and wellbeing of their employees.  

In this session we would like to explore the following questions with members: 

  • How has your business responded to challenges around mental health posed by the pandemic and how have you supported your employees in these difficult times?  
  • What has been the single most successful policy that you implemented last year to better support the mental health and wellbeing of your employees?  
  • Which tools and policies that you have developed to better manage mental health during the pandemic  will you keep and further improve as we emerge from the  crisis? 
  • How do you think businesses’ approach to mental health and wellbeing might develop or change in the future? 

This industry-based forum for peer-to-peer sharing and learning will consider the key HR challenges and opportunities affecting UK business, including political and legal developments as well as workplace trends.

These networks address issues such as diversity and inclusion, immigration, skills and current labour market trends, while also giving attending members the opportunity to share their experiences and help to influence our policy outputs in these key areas.

Here are five good reasons to join this network:

  • Expertise – it is an exclusive network for senior HR professionals and those with a major HR function in their job role
  • Intelligence - hear from a CBI policy adviser or external professional who will provide insight and lead the discussion on a relevant theme or issue
  • Shared learning - exchange practical ideas about how to make your leadership, management and working practices more effective at driving business performance
  • Forward thinking – discuss the major barriers standing in the way of exceptional leadership, engagement and development practices
  • Leave with practical takeaways which can be implemented into your business.

You’ll particularly benefit from this event if you are a:

  • Chief of People
  • Head of HR
  • HR Director
  • Director of People / Talent
  • Diversity and Inclusion Lead

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Hannah Collins

Hannah Collins

Clusters Project Manager, CBI