Policy Briefing on Clean Air - London

Policy Briefing on Clean Air - London Policy Briefing on Clean Air - London

09 June 2021


10:00 - 11:00



Policy briefing on clean air - London

CBI Economics analysis quantifies the potential gains to the health of London’s workforce, and to the local economy, that could be achieved through a reduction in nitrogen dioxide. Join us alongside Clean Air Fund, Transport for London and CBI Economics to discuss key issues of air pollution and the impact of cleaner air initiatives for stakeholders and local businesses.

By attending this event, you will:

  • Hear the latest economic analysis and findings from CBI Economics on:
    o the economic benefits to the UK economy of achieving clean air
    o the economic impact of achieving NO2 targets in London through such as Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ)
  • Review the policy landscape for clean air and hear from local government representatives tasked with achieving national targets
  • Share best practice and learnings on the local business impacts of clean air policies
  • Continue to shape CBI policy in this area through sharing member challenges and benefits from the implementation of the ULEZ and its planned extension in October.

Speakers include:

  • Imogen Martineau, UK Portfolio Manager, Clean Air Fund
  • Jordan Cummins, Senior Associate Director & Head of Policy, London, CBI (Chair)
  • Rahat Siddique, Senior Economist, CBI
  • Christina Calderato, Head of Transport Strategy & Planning in City Planning, Transport for London
  • Zack Polanski, Chair, London Assembly Environment Committee

You will particularly benefit from this event if you are a:

  • Business Leader / CEO / COO
  • Strategy VP / Director
  • Finance Director
  • Government Affairs/Corporate Affairs Director

It will be of special relevance if your business/sector is:

  • Located in and around the larger cities since that’s where air pollution is likely to be highest and where there is the highest level of population exposure. It is also where most clean air policies will be introduced, which have the potential to impact business
  • Associated with addressing the impacts of air pollution
  • Associated with sources of air pollution, for example the transport and construction sectors
  • Likely to be impacted by Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ)
  • Engaging large workforces as these organisations are more likely to be impacted by the health and economic effects of air pollution.


  • Clean Air Fund


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