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Policy Briefing on shaping the workforce of the future


26 January 2022


10:00 - 11:00




Policy Briefing: Shaping the workforce of the future

Do you want to have your say on the workforce of the future? Join us to discuss what you think business needs from young learners to prepare them for a successful career. We are keen to hear from employers about how qualifications can help better prepare students for the world of work. 

We are particularly focusing on qualifications that are part of the ‘wider offer’ and that sit alongside GCSEs covering subjects such as Financial Capability, Careers Development, Essential Skills and many more. We want to explore the use of digital technology in these qualifications, as well as understand which skills, subjects and content should be included.

During this event, there will be a short presentation from Qualifications Wales about the work they are doing before a 40-minute question and answer session.

Questions to be discussed: 

  • What do 16-year-old learners in Wales need to help them progress to their next steps?
  • What skills do learners in Wales at 14-16-years-old need to develop to prepare them for the workplace?

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