SME Member Discussion

SME Member Discussion SME Member Discussion

10 February 2021


14:30 - 15:30



SME Member Discussion

Join us for a CBI Member Discussion on how best to reopen the economy, and what actions and schemes have worked in supporting firms during lockdown.

As the UK begins to prioritise reopening the economy, this session will provide the UK government with invaluable insight on which schemes have worked well, and where there is room for improvement in their implementation. As we begin to look at reopening the economy, it will be vital to learn the lessons of previous lockdowns, and where business and government could work more closely together to protect health, livelihoods and the economy.

With the government expected to publish its exit strategy from lockdowns in late February, this Member Discussion will also provide our members with a chance to feedback on our own Roadmap to Reopening based on their own knowledge and experiences.

Get involved

We want to hear how your business has been affected, what you are doing differently, and what your business needs are to survive and recover from this pandemic.

The CBI will use this insight to inform our conversations with government and ensure the voice of business is heard throughout the restart and recovery period.

We will ask you to consider some issues in advance, including your experience in accessing the interruption loan schemes and insurance support, and where else you need support from government to recover and grow out of COVID-19.

Who should attend?

This WebEx meeting is for senior business executives who lead small or medium size business organisations.