SME Webinar

SME Webinar SME Webinar

12 November 2020


10:00 - 10:45



SME Webinar on managing employee mental health in the changing working environment

With the move towards remote working, it is becoming clear that ensuring the good mental health and wellbeing of its workforce will massively benefit a SME business. Join us to learn:

  • What the CBI is focusing on in this area
  • What practical steps the CBI is undertaking to ensure the wellbeing of its remote working staff
  • How to make remote working work and to ensure the wellbeing of a workforce
  • How culture, leadership, management capabilities and job design can all affect the wellbeing of a workforce
  • How to address fairness and work reallocation of work tasks
  • How SME’s are managing remote working and what their concerns are.


  • Emma Stewart MBE, CEO Timewise Foundation
  • Lauren Adams, HR Director, CBI
  • Joelle Warren MBE, Executive Chair and Founding Partner, Warren Partners
  • Deborah Fraser, Director - Regions, CBI

If you have questions, or examples in mind, please send them over by email to ahead of the webinar.

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Anne Cullom

Anne Cullom

Events Manager - East of England