SME Webinar

SME Webinar SME Webinar

21 January 2021


10:00 - 10:45



SME Webinar on Small Businesses and Public Sector Procurement

Join us for our first SME Webinar of 2021. As we begin to think about economic recovery from the lockdowns in response to COVID-19, this webinar will provide firms with a clearer understanding of supplying to the public sector, and how their policies can be more inclusive of prospective SME suppliers.

In addition to hearing from speakers from the Cabinet Office, guests will have the opportunity to share their own experiences, ask questions of the panel and suggest where improvements could be made.


  • Karen Leeson, SME Policy Advisor, Cabinet Office
  • Lindsay Maguire, Head of Small Business Policy, Cabinet Office
  • Deborah Fraser, Director – Regions, CBI