SME Webinar: Cashflow resilience

SME Webinar: Cashflow resilience SME Webinar: Cashflow resilience

19 May 2022


10:00 - 10:45



SME Webinar on cashflow resilience

SMEs continue to report to the CBI about their worries around cashflow. But what is causing the quickly growing concern? Do you know how cumulative debt burden is affecting your cost of doing business? How can managing cashflow now improve your future bottom line? And most importantly, where to turn for help?

This webinar looks to unpack the immediate threats and ongoing cost pressures of managing cashflow. The CBI is especially worried about the difficult balancing act of managing cashflow whilst the government is withdrawing their support, the accumulation of debt and other nuanced challenges unique to every business.

To offer information and support, this webinar will:

  • Give a brief analysis of the impact the current external environment has on cashflow
  • Reveal key issues around cashflow you should be aware of
  • Address the appetite for investment to grow your business
  • Welcome Alex Beardsley (Managing Director, ABL Business) and Chris Wilford (Director of Financial Services Policy, CBI), who will give an expert view on the state of cashflow and share practical solutions and insight into our latest conversations with the government.

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You'll particularly benefit from this event if you are:

  • An SME senior leader such as MD, Chief of or Director
  • Working in finance or operations at an SME

This webinar is free to attend for everyone. If you have colleagues who would find this event helpful, you are welcome to share this event with them.

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