South West Member Discussion

South West Member Discussion South West Member Discussion

16 March 2021


16:00 - 17:00



South West Member Discussion on Regional Revival and Future Business Trends

Your monthly opportunity to join other senior executives to discuss and shape the CBI narrative on the issues that most matter to you. Exchange thoughts and ideas in a Chatham House setting chaired by Ben Rhodes, Deputy Director – South West, CBI.

Join us to discuss how the pandemic presents an opportunity to consider the future shape of our regional economies that may be impacted by potentially long-term changes to business, customer and consumer behaviours.

This session is for leaders looking to evaluate how businesses and consumers will operate in a post pandemic world. It will also consider what is required to create vibrant labour markets, robust digital and physical infrastructure and an environment that inspires business investment in your communities. 

The session is designed to identify three regional priorities, provide a space to learn from each other, and take away practical ideas for implementation

During the call we will be considering the following questions:

  1. What impact has the pandemic had on patterns of behaviour in your business? What do you anticipate will remain and how are you preparing for them? (e.g., flexible working, redesigning offices, the commute)
  2. What changes have you seen in customer behaviour (e.g., digital engagement) and/or consumer behaviour (e.g., reduction in on-the-go consumption)? Which of these do you anticipate will remain and how will you respond to this as we build the roadmap out to recovery?
  3. What do different parts of your workforce need to allow them to be successful post-pandemic (e.g., sales teams, innovation teams, younger people)? What new activities or processes are you developing to support this?
  4. What ingredients of success are required over the next few years? What does your business require from regional and national leaders to build a vibrant local labour market, robust digital and physical infrastructure in your area and an environment that inspires business investment?

Feedback from this Webex meeting will be used to inform 3-point action plans being developed across English regions published alongside regional scorecards identifying areas’ strengths and weaknesses.

This Webex meeting is for CBI members only.  

You’ll particularly benefit from this event if you are:

  • CEOs / COOs / Managing Directors
  • Government Affairs / Corporate Affairs Directors / Heads of
  • Public Affairs Directors / Heads of
  • Strategy VPs / Directors
  • Finance Directors

Organisations have worked hard during the pandemic to prepare for 2021 and we want to hear how you have been affected, what you are doing differently, and what your business needs are to survive and thrive.

Your Webex dial-in details will be sent in your event confirmation email.

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Janie Harper

Janie Harper

Events & Sponsorship Manager - South West


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