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It’s time to put your diversity and inclusion ambitions into action

During the height of the global health and economic crisis, there was a risk that other urgent priorities would side-line D&I. Instead, the crisis only amplified the need for inclusive workplace cultures – and they are needed right now. Businesses are at different stages in the mission to create a truly inclusive workplace. At the same time, the new hybrid working model poses both opportunities and challenges. Firms must now advance with action by taking a systematic business-led approach to progressing diversity and inclusion.

The change we're calling for

As the economy remerges from the height of the pandemic, we’re calling on businesses to double down on their commitment to progressing diversity and inclusion and take action now. A systematic approach to embedding inclusion in the heart of the business strategy and empowering every single employee is crucial. Real progress won’t happen by doing the minimum required, but by true leadership, led from the top.

  • Ensure access to equal opportunity in recruitment, progression and development – regardless of age, disability, race, religion, gender and sexual orientation

  • Ensure managers are equipped to lead and manage remote or hybrid teams in an inclusive way, making sure that all voices are heard in new hybrid ways of working

  • Take a systematic business-led approach to diversity and inclusion by collecting data, setting measurable objectives and developing a roadmap for how you’ll meet them

A year of advancing action on D&I

In 2022 the CBI spoke to members, large and small, across the country to discover the actions they were taking on D&I. Watch the highlights from our executive interviews to gain insights for your plan to advance D&I. The full campaign and resources are available below.

  • Future of Work —

    A year of advancing action on D&I - The executive interview highlights

The business case behind diversity and inclusion

The business case for increasing diversity and inclusion is getting stronger. Find out how many businesses across the UK have put inclusion at the heart of their organisation to support recruitment and retention, and to create more engaged and productive workforces.

  • Diversity and Inclusion —

    Bridge the gap: practical ways to close your ethnicity pay gap

  • Future of Work —

    Mind the gap: practical ways to close your gender pay gap

  • Diversity and Inclusion —

    Time to advance: the next steps on your diversity and inclusion journey

Watch our executive interview miniseries

We’re interviewing business leaders to talk about why diversity and inclusion should be a strategic priority for every firm. Making the moral and business case for advancing D&I, business leaders talk about the role of leadership when turning D&I ambitions into action.

  • Future of Work —

    Executive interview with eBay: why inclusion is a learning process

  • Future of Work —

    This is why everyone should have the opportunity to thrive and succeed

  • Future of Work —

    The business case is watertight, so let’s start taking intentional action

  • Future of Work —

    How to attract and retain more people with disabilities in the workplace

What can your business do?

We’ve been interviewing businesses who are implementing progressive D&I initiatives and embedding D&I into the culture of the organisation. Discover what other firms are doing to create a more inclusive culture in which all talent can thrive, and consider how their approach could work in your business and for your people.

  • Future of Work —

    How can your business support employees from lower-income backgrounds?

  • Future of Work —

    Your diverse workforce starts with recruitment

  • Future of Work —

    Restart your ED&I strategy with a data-driven approach – here’s how Aggregate Industries did it.

  • Future of Work —

    Diageo’s drive to increase disability employment has transformed workplace culture

Inclusive businesses perform better

Getting and inclusion diversity right creates advantages for everybody

There is significant evidence to suggest that diverse groups enjoy better performance - and there are other advantages too.

  • Firms with the highest levels of gender diversity on executive teams are 25% more likely to outperform their rivals on profitability

  • Firms with high cultural and ethnic diversity on executive teams are 36% more likely to outperform their rivals on profitability

  • Higher levels of employees feeling like they belong can lead to an 56% increase in job performance


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