Deliver smart regulation that supercharges innovation and investment

Deliver smart regulation that supercharges innovation and investment

Regulation must keep up with a changing economy – or businesses lose out

The UK has set bold ambitions to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 and to deliver full fire broadband across the UK. But to make ambitions like these a reality, the government must take a coordinated and pro-innovation approach to the UK’s regulatory and competition landscape. Strong policies will encourage investment, drive innovation, and promote economic prosperity.

The change we're calling for

That’s why, as the UK begins its new journey outside the EU, we’re asking the government to act now and create a future-facing regulatory framework. The government must set out fair and effective regulatory and competition policies that both promote growth and protect consumer welfare. ​

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    A principles-based approach to regulation and competition policy that encourages innovation through collaboration between regulators and business

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    Clarify the priorities of the UK’s new competition regime and the timetable of new changes and powers

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    Develop a regulatory framework that enables long-term investment in infrastructure and is agile in response to new innovations

Why it's needed

To date, the UK’s competition policies (designed to protect and promote competition across industries) and regulatory framework have not kept pace with changes to business models and long-term investment needs. This will become even more apparent as the economy continues to shift, and poor regulation will stifle investment in the infrastructure and innovations needed for sustainable growth.

Businesses need a clear and effective vision for the future. They need regulation which is coherent, coordinated and easier to implement.

And, in order to deliver on investments in critical sectors like energy, digital and transport, they need a future-facing framework that incentivises spend.

To ensure the UK economy remains competitive and fosters world-leading innovation, the government must evolve the regulatory framework. And, as the UK navigates through its new relationship with the EU, it has never been more critical to act.

Quote —

"The UK needs a competition regime and a system of economic regulation that is smart enough to adapt to current and future challenges. Economic regulators have delivered significant investment, but they will need to adapt their ways of working if they are to drive the step change in investment and innovation to support a green recovery and ultimately deliver for consumers and the economy."

Annie Gascoyne, Director of Economic Policy, CBI

A regulation renewal

Investment is key

Regulation is an integral policy tool used by the government to promote competition in markets and preserve consumer welfare. However, the regulatory framework must be coordinated, clear and enable innovation.

  • An additional £9bn investment is needed in the energy sector annually to meet the net zero target

  • 40% of businesses think that the level of regulation in the UK is an obstacle to success

  • The UK has fallen to 9th place in the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitive Index

Regulation impacts every business

Reimagining the regulatory framework will ensure businesses in all sectors and UK regions can thrive. Find out more about the recommendations put forward by the CBI to develop a framework that supports innovation and encourages long-term investment, and learn about the challenges UK businesses face.

Our progress and wins

The CBI campaigns tirelessly on behalf of our members so that business creates prosperity for all. Learn more about the work we do and the impact we are making on this issue.

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