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Empowering decision making in Northern Ireland

Business needs an end to policy paralysis

Since January 2017, there has been no devolved government in Northern Ireland. For businesses this has resulted in policy paralysis where key issues – from infrastructure to skills – have seen little, or no, progress. Decisions must be made that cannot wait until ministers return.

The changes we're calling for

Northern Irish businesses want to see the return of an inclusive devolved government. Until that can be achieved, we’re calling for local civil servants to be given the authority to make the decisions that keep Northern Ireland moving.

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    The return of an inclusive devolved government in Northern Ireland 

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    Progress on economic policy issues  

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    Decisions taken on crucial issues, from significant planning projects to Brexit contingency planning

Conducting business in a vacuum

Delays, risks and a growing skills gap

Policy paralysis means Northern Ireland is lagging behind other regions - failing to make progress, losing talent and putting the future in jeopardy. The effects are significant and already rearing their ugly heads.

  • The amount of infrastructure investment at risk due to delays to planning approval.

  • The proportion of CBI members that believe Northern Ireland is experiencing a growing skills shortage.

  • The number of young people forced to leave the region to attend university elsewhere as there is insufficient funds to educate them in Northern Ireland.

Our progress and impact

The CBI campaigns tirelessly on behalf of our members so that business creates prosperity for all. Learn more about the work we do and the impact we are making on this issue.

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Support the change

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    Our members are our mandate, and the reason we’re the most influential business organisation in the UK. Join the voice of business, and help us campaign to empower decision making in Northern Ireland.

  • Have your say

    Are you one of the many Northern Irish businesses that want to see the return of an inclusive devolved government? Strengthen the CBI position. Share your story.

  • Make a difference

    This campaign is led by the CBI's Regional Growth team.

    Contact Jim Hubbard, Head of Regional Policy, to find out what business urgently needs to empower decision making in Northern Ireland and how you can support it.