Evidence over ideology: a Brexit that works for all

Evidence over ideology: a Brexit that works for all

It’s time to bridge the political divide to secure a good deal

A no deal scenario is estimated to cost the UK a long-term reduction in GDP of 8% - a bad deal for citizens and for business. It’s clear that a good Brexit deal is vital for every region and sector. A deal that safeguards jobs, growth and prosperity is vital to the UK’s competitiveness.

The change we're calling for

We’re calling for the government to put evidence over ideology and deliver a Brexit that works for all. To achieve this, politicians must come together, listen to the evidence from the factory and the office floor, and agree on a deal that solves pressing commercial issues including immigration and trade. We are campaigning for a Brexit that is rooted in economic facts and allows the UK to compete on the global stage for decades to come.

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    Avoid a no deal cliff-edge that would impact every region, nation and sector

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    Deliver an ambitious trade deal with the EU that ensures frictionless trade and continuity for the 40 trade deals the UK currently benefits from as an EU member

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    Develop a post-Brexit immigration system based on people, not numbers – giving business the skills needed to grow

Why it's needed

Brexit will determine how future generations live and work in the UK for decades to come. The prospect of a no deal scenario poses a real threat to people and business alike. A no deal scenario could mean:

• The time to clear medicines for sale across the UK increasing by up to 3 months.
• A delay of just 2 minutes to check and process a lorry at Dover leading to queues of over 17 miles
• Severe regulatory trading barriers leading to stifled digital growth for the UK’s leading £240 billion data economy.

The business voice is vital to ensure a good Brexit deal is delivered and prosperity is shared across the UK. Our members have asked the CBI to:

• Root the debate in economic facts over political ideology
• Support firms to prepare for Brexit by providing political insight and guidance
• Ensure the voice of UK business is heard in Brussels

Quote —

"Now it’s time to look forward, not backward, and build an unbreakable partnership between business and government. The message from business is clear: we’re here to help and play our part."

Carolyn Fairbairn, CBI Director General

A good deal matters for every business

No deal would impact people, business and the economy

Analysis from every reputable economic organisation, from the IMF and the Treasury to academic institutions like King’s College London, predicts serious disruption for the UK economy from no deal.

  • The IMF predict no deal would lead to the UK’s economy taking an 8% hit in the long term – that’s the equivalent of £6,000 per household

  • Customs declarations under a no deal are estimated to cost industry £20 billion every year

  • 45% of UK exports go to EU countries

A business plan for a good Brexit

In order to have the confidence to invest in the jobs and opportunities that create prosperity, business needs a deal that ensures the UK remains open to the world; a deal that delivers frictionless trade and gives firms access to the skills and talent needed to grow. And, in the case of a no deal, business needs to be prepared in order to mitigate against the potential impact.

Our progress and impact

The CBI campaigns tirelessly on behalf of our members so that business creates prosperity for all. Learn more about the work we do and the impact we are making on this issue.

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