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Climate change and nature demand urgent action

The UK has a legally binding net zero by 2050 target and business action will be crucial to delivery. We need to move from target setting to implementing change. But this action requires stability and investment from the government.

The change we're calling for

Driving this fundamental change across all sectors of the economy requires immediate action from business and government. Business must commit to decarbonisation and government must support the transition by delivering strategies and providing detailed policy frameworks to get the UK on track to reach the target. With this collaboration, the UK will be poised to become global leaders in the race to net zero.

  • Business and government must align the climate and nature challenge as equal, recognising the role of nature in the path to net zero

  • Business must turn climate targets into action and work collaboratively across industries to decarbonise throughout supply chains

  • Business and government must use the UK’s position as a global leader to build on COP26 and create better international collaboration to tackle climate change

Net zero means better business

The vast growth potential of renewables

A net zero future will be great for the planet and phenomenal for business and our economy too. The journey to net zero will drive significant economic growth, provide vast employment, export opportunities and national cost savings.

  • The UK could capture £8bn in additional revenues from hydrogen electrolyser production

  • The net number of new green jobs by 2030 across all parts of the UK

  • 60% of FTSE 100 companies signed up to the UN’s ‘Race to Zero’ campaign

Net zero for every business

Achieving net zero will require businesses across sectors to make real changes. From business pledges to internal policies, find out more about how your business can be part of the global effort against climate change, and how the CBI is supporting you in the transition.

  • Net zero —

    Race To Zero: setting and achieving sustainability targets

  • Net zero —

    Race To Zero: what your business could gain from joining the campaign

  • Net zero —

    Race To Zero: how your business can drive the green revolution

Our progress and impact

The CBI campaigns tirelessly on behalf of our members so that business creates prosperity for all. Learn more about the work we do and the impact we are making on this issue.

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Support the change

  • Join the CBI

    Our members are our mandate, and the reason we’re the most influential business organisation in the UK. Join the voice of business, and help us campaign to ensure the government hits the new net zero emissions target.

  • Have your say

    Could your business feel the impact of new emissions regulation? Are you striving to meet the net zero target? Share your story and help shape a net zero future.

  • Make a difference

    This campaign is led by the CBI's Decarbonisation team. Contact Tom Thackray, Programme Director of Decarbonisation, to find out about the progress UK business urgently needs to achieve net zero and how you can support it.