Working together: shaping EU policy to solve shared challenges

Working together: shaping EU policy to solve shared challenges

When tackling the biggest issues of our time, two heads are better than one

Regardless of Brexit, what happens in the EU will still impact the UK economy - and British business. And we still share many common challenges that transcend borders: from climate change and free and fair trade, to pioneering the digital revolution. The UK and EU must team up to solve these challenges and secure opportunities for businesses throughout Europe.

The change we’re calling for

We’re asking EU institutions and the UK government to work together, and to collaborate with British business, to solve the biggest puzzles of our time. That means tackling sustainability; understanding how to do business in a new digital age; and joining forces to secure a frictionless global network of trade.

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    Governments must work together to deliver a connected and digital European economy, with world leading AI and R&D centres

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    Europe must commit to a 2050 net-zero target to ensure the UK and EU remain global leaders on the fight against climate change

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    The UK and EU must team up to promote open markets and free and fair trade through international institutions such as the WTO

Why it's needed

The UK and the EU are currently facing some of the biggest political, environmental and societal challenges in our history.

But now that the EU is setting its next five-year mandate, and the UK government is determining the future relationship, it’s the perfect opportunity to drive progress on shared issues. Issues that critically impact our businesses, our people and our planet.

The EU has highlighted themes for its mandate that the UK must also act on: sustainability and climate change; connectivity and digital including AI and R&D; and international trade. Being world-leading in these fields is vital for competitiveness. So it’s in all of our best interests to work together and find tangible solutions to these challenges – whether by teaming up at the G7 or WTO, making bold environmental commitments or opposing legislation that makes innovation tougher.

And in all of this, governments must listen to the needs of business to develop solutions that truly boost prosperity for all.

Quote —

"British businesses want a strong EU that will push for global openness. We have great common challenges and opportunities coming our way, whether it’s our relations with China or the U.S., fighting climate change or developing our digital economies. The CBI will work with our European sister federations and BusinessEurope to forge a more prosperous future, but the UK government and EU institutions must also join forces if we want to see real progress on these most critical challenges."

Sean McGuire, Director, CBI Brussels

The importance of great collaboration

Mutual benefits for both economies

From jobs and data to exporting of products and services, cooperation between the EU and UK has created sizeable opportunities that benefit all.

  • 5.8 million EU jobs are linked to UK-EU trade

  • The EU is the single largest destination for UK services: worth £120bn annually to the UK economy

  • Over 75% of UK data flows are with the EU, underlining our close links and digital interdependency

Why work together?

From the Single Market to the skills gap, great collaboration benefits us all. Find out how the CBI recommends UK and EU institutions work together to address the most pressing issues affecting business today.

Our progress and impact

The CBI campaigns tirelessly on behalf of our members so that business creates prosperity for all. Learn more about the work we do and the impact we are making on this issue.

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