On the business tax contribution

New CBI analysis of data published by the Office for National Statistics has found that businesses paid £196bn in taxes in 2018/19, up from £188bn last year – accounting for 27% of all tax revenue. CBI Chief Economist Rain Newton-Smith says:

“Our analysis shines a timely light on the importance of business to the funding of our schools, hospitals and many other public services. The efforts of successful enterprises, paying a fair share in tax, cannot be taken for granted by politicians at a time of such economic uncertainty."

24 Apr 2019

Competition and Markets Authority report

John Allan, CBI President, has responded to the CMA's audit recommendations by saying that improving the quality of audit to enhance public trust and investor confidence must be paramount. He went on to state:

"Other ideas, such as greater scrutiny of audit committees by the regulator have merit and could help guard against high-profile corporate failures, which have rightly prompted searching questions."

18 Apr 2019

On the proposed freight ban

Tom Thackray, CBI Energy and Infrastructure Director, has responded to a report by the National Infrastructure Commission suggesting new petrol and diesel lorries should be banned by 2040:

"Business has long acknowledged that decarbonisation is a vital ingredient to making the UK economy competitive. However, banning particular technologies, without taking the positive steps needed to support the transition to a low-carbon future will be counterproductive."

17 Apr 2019

Latest labour market statistics

Matthew Percival, CBI Head of Employment, welcomed continued positive trends in the employment and unemployment figures for December 2018 to February 2019, but added:

“The UK labour market continues to outperform the rest of the economy. Although securing a Brexit extension means we have averted an economic crisis, politicians must now come together and avoid a no deal scenario or risk impacting the UK’s stellar labour market.”

16 Apr 2019

The new Institutes of Technology

The government has announced the first 12 employer-led Institutes, backed by £170m in funding, to offer higher level technical education to help close skills gaps in key STEM areas. CBI Chief UK Policy Director Matthew Fell comments:

"Expanding high-quality technical education and training is a top priority for employers who will welcome this extra investment. These new Institutes must also help ensure T-Levels are a long-lasting part of our education system and open the door to great careers or further training."

10 Apr 2019

New Ultra Low Emission Zone in central London

The CBI welcomes the introduction of the ULEZ as a step in the right direction towards improving London’s air quality. CBI London Director Eddie Curzon says businesses across the capital are committed to doing their bit to reduce emissions. But he adds:

"To make a success of the ULEZ, it is crucial that City Hall works with firms to help them take advantage of new technologies and support them, where required, to accelerate the take up of low emission vehicles."

05 Apr 2019

Ahead of the gender pay gap reporting deadline

Gender pay reporting must act as a catalyst for change, says CBI Director-General Carolyn Fairbairn. On the deadline day for companies with more than 250 staff to submit their data, she adds:

"What’s crucial is that firms take concrete action and talk openly about how it’s working if they want their people and the public to believe that they mean what they say about closing their gaps."

04 Apr 2019

The government's cyber security breaches survey

New statistics from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport have shown a reduction in the percentage of businesses suffering a cyber breach or attack in the last year. CBI Deputy Director-General Josh Hardie responds:

"There’s been a real shift amongst businesses when it comes to cyber security – it’s clear to see that it’s now a top priority with concrete action being taken."

03 Apr 2019

On proposed audit reforms

Deputy Director-General Josh Hardie responded to a report published by the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Committee, which includes a call for the structural break-up of the ‘Big 4’.

"Businesses are aware there are problems with the audit market and high-profile corporate failures have rightly prompted searching questions. But rushing to simplistic measures rather than following a clear, considered long-term approach will damage our reputation."

02 Apr 2019

The broadband compensation scheme

Matthew Fell, CBI UK Chief Policy Director, responded to Ofcom's voluntary scheme, which came into effect today, with providers for 95% of UK broadband customers on board:

"By signing up to automatic compensation when services don’t work, operators are taking a proactive approach to work with the regulators and deliver for their customers."

01 Apr 2019

On the contribution of international students

Matthew Percival, CBI Head of Employment policy, responded to HEPI/Kaplan research on the economic benefits when graduates remain in the UK to work:

"UK universities punch well above their weight when it comes to attracting students from overseas – and have the potential to grow even further."

21 Mar 2019

The review on post-16 qualifications

Matthew Fell, CBI Chief UK Policy Director, welcomes the government's consultation into the quality of qualifications:

"When employers struggle to understand the difference between thousands of qualifications on offer, the government is absolutely right to address this by giving employers a part in shaping the reforms, ensuring qualifications relate to the modern world and give young people the skills they need."

19 Mar 2019

The government’s new approach to the Future of Urban Mobility

James Diggle, CBI Head of Energy and Climate Change, comments:

"Businesses are already committed to this revolution, using the UK’s expertise in research, standards and innovation to develop mobility solutions that will improve the movement of people and goods across our towns and cities."

19 Mar 2019

The vote on Article 50

MPs have backed the government's motion to seek to extend Article 50 and delay Brexit beyond 29 March. The CBI comments:

"After an exasperating few days, Parliament’s rejection of no deal and desire for an extension shows there is still some common sense in Westminster. But without a radically new approach, business fears this is simply a stay of execution."

14 Mar 2019

Government's proposals on tariff liberalisation

CBI Northern Ireland responds:

"The government’s proposals are confused at best, disingenuous at worst. There are serious questions over deliverability, and potentially consequences for the island of Ireland on smuggling and tariff proposals."

13 Mar 2019

Independent Furman Review into competition in the UK technology sector

The CBI responds:

"The UK tech sector is the envy of the world. It’s home to some of the most innovative and trusted businesses – both large and small. It’s important that it remains this way and the government supports its growth. Any new rules or regulation must keep pace with this fast-moving industry."

13 Mar 2019

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