CBI Wales responds to job losses at Airbus

Ian Price, CBI Wales Director, noted this is an extremely sad day for individuals set to lose jobs, for a company that has made such an immense contribution to the local economy and for Wales’ aerospace sector. He added:

“While charting a sustainable post-pandemic recovery is vital, we can’t lose sight of the compelling need to protect jobs and firms now. Further wage support to protect jobs, a new jobs programme to create opportunities and more funding for skills and training are essential to protect livelihoods and reduce the scarring impact long-term unemployment would have on our communities.”

02 Jul 2020

CBI Scotland responds to latest announcement on social distancing

Tracy Black, CBI Scotland Director, said easing social distancing rules will make a substantial difference to the viability of thousands of firms in Scotland. he noted the move will also have a material impact across sectors such as leisure, tourism and hospitality and added:

“With the easing of restrictions taking place at different speeds across the UK, political leaders must work in partnership to minimise confusion and maximise collaboration. Meanwhile, planning must take place now for a sustainable and inclusive economic recovery.”

02 Jul 2020

CBI responds to the UK Government's R&D Roadmap

Felicity Burch, CBI Director of Digital and Innovation, welcomed the Roadmap but called for more answers to the question of delivering on the 2.4% R&D target. She added:

“For businesses, quick wins that government can look to implement rapidly include increasing funding for Innovate UK, establishing new mechanisms to support business uptake of new technologies and strengthening the purpose of the Catapults by creating innovation zones or Catapult Quarters.”

01 Jul 2020

CBI responds to PM speech on economic recovery

Dame Carolyn Fairbairn, CBI Director-General, noted that the Prime Minister’s commitment to upgrade and decarbonise our transport infrastructure, in all UK regions and nations, lays strong foundations. She added:

“Upgrading and building new English schools, prisons and hospitals will mobilise the construction industry supporting millions of workers and job opportunities. And cutting red tape should help prioritise the building of widely available, truly affordable homes. Together with commitments on R&D and innovation, these are the first steps on the path to recovery."

30 Jun 2020

‘Don’t forget the economy’ says CBI ahead of quarantine review

Ahead of the government’s first review of its 14-day quarantine for international arrivals to the UK, the CBI urged the Government to ensure that the needs of business are considered. Matthew Fell, CBI Chief Policy Director, said:

“The travel sector has been disproportionately affected by the crisis. But right across the economy – from engineers to deal-makers – firms are chomping at the bit to restart service contracts and begin to win business for the UK in overseas markets again.”

28 Jun 2020

Jobs and training must be top priority for economic recovery in Wales – CBI urges Welsh First Minister

Dame Carolyn Fairbairn, CBI Director-General and Ian Price, the CBI’s Wales Director, wrote to First Minister Mark Drakeford. They urged him to put jobs and training, especially for young people, at the heart of economic recovery plans. Ian Price said:

“While we live with the virus, any recovery plan must continue to prioritise health as well as the impact on the economy. Urgent interventions are required to create jobs, especially for young people, and investment."

26 Jun 2020

CBI NI responds to the Executive's statement on social distancing measures

Angela McGowan, CBI Northern Ireland Director, noted easing social distancing rules will make a substantial difference to the viability of thousands of firms here in Northern Ireland. She added:

“In the coming weeks business will be looking for the Northern Ireland Executive to accelerate efforts to protect jobs, livelihoods and future prosperity.”

25 Jun 2020

Get ahead of the economic curve with the next wave of support

Through a series of fiscal proposals, the CBI is urging the Government to accelerate efforts to protect jobs and livelihoods. Highlighting the importance of the proposed measures, Dame Carolyn Fairbairn, CBI Director-General, said:

“The Government has already shown its ability to be bold and decisive. By getting ahead of this tidal wave of economic damage with at scale, at speed, targeted support, it can help businesses survive, protecting the jobs and life chances of a generation.”

25 Jun 2020

CBI responds to Committee on Climate Change Progress report

Responding to the report, Rain Newton-Smith, CBI Chief Economist, noted the CBI agrees progress to decarbonise power needs to be coupled with government-led strategies on energy efficiency, decarbonising transport and sustainable manufacturing and industrial processes. She added:

"The CBI continues to champion the UK’s 2050 net-zero target and the need to accelerate progress towards ending our contribution to climate change."

25 Jun 2020

CBI Scotland responds to announcement of lock-down easing measures

Tracy Black, CBI Scotland Director, said:

"The publication of an indicative timetable for the re-opening of hospitality, leisure, and tourism businesses is hugely welcome and gives firms the opportunity to plan for reopening – while protecting staff and customers. While public health rightly remains the priority, the need for action to protect jobs and livelihoods remains urgent.”

24 Jun 2020

CBI responds to the Prime Minister's statement on social distancing rules

Responding to the statement from the Prime Minister, CBI Director-General Dame Carolyn Fairbairn noted easing social distancing rules will make a material difference to the viability of thousands of firms. She added:

“As hospitality and cultural sectors prepare to re-open, the safety of their staff and customers must come first to maintain confidence. Firms will be keen to closely examine the guidance that will be critical for success. With easing restrictions taking place at different speeds across the UK, political leaders must work in partnership to minimise confusion and maximise collaboration."

23 Jun 2020

CBI Scotland responds to announcement of move to lockdown phase two

Tracy Black, CBI Scotland Director, noted that progressing to phase two of the Scottish Government's restart plan is a welcome step. She added:

“While public health rightly remains the priority, the need for action to protect jobs and livelihoods is urgent. With the latest GDP figures making for difficult reading, and redundancies likely to rise as government support winds down, the speed and joined-up nature of our response is critical to Scotland’s economic recovery.”

18 Jun 2020

CBI responds to the latest labour market statistics

Matthew Percival, CBI Director of People and Skills, noted that over 600,000 people were taken off payroll between March and May and that vacancies fell by the largest amount on record on the quarter. He added:

“Unemployment falls unevenly across society and leaves scars that last generations. The urgent priority must be creating inclusive jobs today, by turbo charging the sustainable industries of tomorrow. This should be backed by a revolution in retraining, with business, government and education providers stepping up to reskill communities for the future.”

16 Jun 2020

CBI responds to UK Government border planning announcement

Josh Hardie, CBI Deputy Director-General, noted that introducing unilateral easements at the border for a short period in the event of no deal is sensible and pragmatic. He added:

“Both sides know that post COVID recovery will be hugely damaged without an ambitious deal. So news of greater political engagement between negotiators starting next week will also raise hopes that the deadlock can be broken."

12 Jun 2020

CBI: Prioritise jobs and training for the young to drive UK-wide recovery

As the UK gets back to work safely, unemployment is the biggest threat to livelihoods. The CBI has laid out an ambitious health-first recovery plan that would help secure a jobs-rich, fair and sustainable future for the UK economy. In a letter to the Prime Minister, CBI Director-General Carolyn Fairbairn said:

“Time is of the essence. Smart, fast policy is needed now to accelerate the process to minimise the human cost and in particular protect the futures of our young people. Together with our members and in consultation with the unions, the CBI has developed simple, implementable proposals that can be acted on now to create the best possible recovery.”

11 Jun 2020

CBI welcomes post-COVID-19 'roadmap to recovery'

The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) published a three-stage plan to help the industry recover from the Covid-19 downturn. Responding to the news, CBI Chief UK Policy Director Matthew Fell said:

“Investing in long-term project pipelines, improving procurement in the public and private sectors, and committing to collaborate rather than litigate, can all help the sector step up at this time of need."

01 Jun 2020

CBI responds to changes to Government support schemes

Dame Carolyn Fairbairn, CBI Director-General, noted that introducing part-time furloughing as more stores and factories start to open will help employees to return to work gradually and safely. She added:

“Firms understand the scheme must close to new entrants at some point and that those using it in future will need to make a contribution to help manage the costs. However, previously viable firms not able to open until later, particularly in leisure, hospitality and the creative industries, may need further assistance in the coming months.”

29 May 2020

CBI responds to the latest CBILS and BBLS finance figures

Rain Newton-Smith, CBI Chief Economist, said:

“As lenders continue to do all they can, it is critical that they along with the Government keep on working with industry to fine-tune the scheme. Some high-growth and larger firms eligible for these schemes are struggling to access help due to Europe-wide state aid rules not designed for these unprecedented times. Many of these firms are the backbone of regional economies, they urgently need support to tide them over."

27 May 2020

CBI responds to Government investment in UK transport

Responding to the £283 million investment, Tom Thackray, CBI Director of Infrastructure, said that it would ensure people can go back to work safely. He added:

“The boost in spending on buses and trams will also bolster key regional routes which are the lifeblood of communities and key workers. And in the long term, this is a crucial step in delivering on the Government’s ambitions of levelling up the country.”

23 May 2020

CBI responds to quarantine plans for arrivals

Noting that the UK must take a health first approach, CBI Chief UK Policy Director Matthew Fell said:

“Businesses are keen to work with government on a robust, internationally-coordinated plan to get passengers flying safely as soon as possible, including through innovative solutions such as the establishment of Air Bridges."

22 May 2020

CBI Scotland responds to Scottish Government's lockdown exit route map

The four phases outlined provide Scottish businesses a sense of optimism for the future. CBI Scotland Director, Tracy Black, said:

"Businesses across Scotland will welcome the publication of a route map for economic restart that puts safety first. Unless people feel safe, employees won't return to work, customers will stay away and the restart will falter, putting people’s livelihoods at further risk."

21 May 2020

CBI responds to the UK Government's new Global Tariff regime

The new tariff scheme will provide businesses with much needed clarity on post-Brexit trade, said CBI Deputy Director General Josh Hardie. He added:

"Simplifying the system, scrapping tariffs under 2%, reducing duties on sustainable products are all things firms can work with. Sticking closely to many existing tariff levels will give other countries incentive to agree trade deals with the UK. However, businesses will need time to assess the detail and ensuring there’s a system in place to address issues as they arise will be critical."

19 May 2020

CBI Northern Ireland responds to extension of COVID-19 business rates relief

Angela McGowan, CBI Northern Ireland Director, welcomed the extension saying:

"A one-month extension of the rates holiday for all businesses is very much welcome as companies try to keep costs down. The further extension to 12 months for some of the most impacted sectors by COVID-19 will also be very well received."

19 May 2020

CBI responds to rise in maximum loans available via CLBILS

Responding to maximum loans available via CLBILs rising from £50 million to £200 million, Chief Economist Rain Newton-Smith said:

"Some mid-cap businesses urgently need access to larger loans to tide them over at this critical juncture for the economy. Many of them are important regional employers, so the Treasury’s extension of maximum loans to £200m shows just how much they are listening to the concerns of business right now."

19 May 2020

CBI responds to ONS labour market statistics

With the data revealing sharp falls in vacancies and hours worked, as well as a smaller decline in employment, Matthew Fell, CBI Chief UK Policy Director, said:

"Looking ahead, how the job retention scheme evolves in line with restarting the economy will have a big impact on jobs and earnings. Extending it until October was a bold decision, giving businesses and workers medium-term security. Now, greater flexibility is needed to help businesses slowly bring people back to work where it is safe to do so."

19 May 2020

CBI Wales responds to Welsh Government's 'Unlocking our Society and Economy' paper

Responding to the Welsh Government's 'Unlocking our Society and Economy' paper, CBI Wales Director Ian Price said:

"This latest announcement provides a helpful guide to the way Wales will exit lockdown and prepare for a ‘new normal’. The emphasis on health and safety is welcome, as is the promotion of a joined-up approach that includes business, schools, transport and other key aspects of life in Wales."

15 May 2020

CBI responds to the latest UK GDP figures

As the economy wanes due to coronavirus regulations, recent data suggests the full impact of lockdown is still yet to come. Chief Economist, Rain Newton-Smith said:

“Reopening our economy will be a gradual, complex process. The Government’s new guidance has helped, giving businesses some flexibility for their individual circumstances. Ultimately, keeping health at the heart of a recovery plan will be key to sustaining an economic revival.”

13 May 2020

CBI responds to Prime Minister's address on COVID-19 and economic restart

As Boris Johnson set out the conditional return to a social and economic 'normal', Carolyn Fairbairn responded, saying:

“Today marks the first glimmer of light for our faltering economy. A phased and careful return to work is the only way to protect jobs and pay for future public services. The Prime Minister has set out the first steps for how this can happen. Businesses are keen to open and get our economy back on its feet. But they also know putting health first is the only sustainable route to economic recovery."

10 May 2020

CBI responds to Bank of England Monetary Policy report and Interim Financial Stability report

On the reports, CBI Chief Economist, said:

“The latest scenario suggests the UK will experience a significant economic contraction, followed by recovery as social distancing measures are lifted. As thoughts move to restarting the economy safely and effectively, the focus must remain on quickly getting cash to those that need it most and ensuring we rebuild an innovative, sustainable economy. The bounce back loans, the CBILs and the Bank of England’s CCFF scheme are all important building blocks."

07 May 2020

CBI responds to latest CBILS finance figures

With vital funds going out to firms in need and unhindered by minimal administration, CBI Chief Economist, Rain Newton-Smith said:

"This scheme has been a lifeline for many. For smaller firms, the 100% guaranteed loan should help give sole traders, micro firms and entrepreneurs a simple route to fast finance to help them stay afloat from next week."

30 Apr 2020

CBI responds to government support for ‘lifeline’ transport

Commenting on the news that vital routes for supplies and people have been protected through a coronavirus support package to keep the flow of goods and services running smoothly, CBI Director of Infrastructure, Tom Thackray said:

"The government’s decision to stand behind the main operators in the roll-on-roll-off ferry sector and Eurotunnel at this difficult time acknowledges the vital role these services play ensuring essential goods reach the UK and the island of Ireland. These routes are the lifeblood of local economies so this support is very welcome in communities throughout the UK."

24 Apr 2020

CBI responds to extension of Job Retention Scheme

The CBI has responded to the Chancellor's extension of the Jobs Retention Scheme beyond May.

“The Chancellor’s welcome extension of the Job Retention Scheme beyond the end of May will help protect the economy and prevent unnecessary job losses through this new lockdown phase. “This extension means that firms will no longer be forced to issue redundancy notices over the next few to days to comply with 45-day consultation requirements, and can instead return to focusing on protecting jobs and their businesses’."

17 Apr 2020

CBI responds to the latest economic analysis from OBR and IMF

The CBI has responded to the Office for Budget Responsibility coronavirus scenario that shows the possible effects on the economy of a 3-month shutdown. As well as the International Monetary Fund’s global economic forecast expecting a 3% contraction in global growth.

“This makes for bleak reading and stresses the need for the right policies to support our economy through this crisis. The need for coordinated global action to rebuild confidence has rarely been greater."

14 Apr 2020

On the PPE challenge

CBI Northern Ireland has urged businesses to join the ‘battle’ to produce protective equipment for the NHS and front-line workers. CBI NI Director, Angela McGowan said:

"Protecting NHS and social care staff on the frontline is vitally important. But it’s not just them; from people carrying out essential work in food manufacture or Post Offices and delivery drivers, key workers need protective gear and we are committed to helping secure it for them."

09 Apr 2020

On the new Labour leader

Sir Keir Starmer is the new leader of the opposition and the CBI warmly welcomes his appointment. Director General, Carolyn Fairbairn added:

"He has our full support to help develop policies that create and share prosperity across the UK. This is a time like no other for Labour and business to work in partnership to help our country survive the immense challenge of this pandemic, and move beyond it to revive our economy and tackle inequality."

04 Apr 2020

On additional government financial support for business

The Chancellor announced the government will help deliver cash faster to firms battling for survival in the headwinds of the pandemic. Dame Carolyn Fairbairn added:

“By providing more support for mid-tier companies, they are backing our most significant and iconic regional employers. These firms number in the thousands and make a huge contribution to the economy, so it’s good to see them getting the support they deserve."

02 Apr 2020

On the new self-employment support

CBI Director-General Carolyn Fairbairn has welcomed the support provided for the self-employed and called for fast clarity on how and when money will reach bank accounts to help individuals to plan. She added:

"The self-employed make an immense contribution to our society and across many industries. They will play a critical role in the UK’s recovery once we overcome the worst of the virus."

26 Mar 2020

On social distancing measures

As the government steps up precautions to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, CBI Northern Ireland Director, Angela McGowan said:

"Businesses are trying to do the right thing. Many firms in critical sectors have implemented huge changes in the workforce to keep their employees safe, while simultaneously ensuring that essential products and services keep flowing."

25 Mar 2020

On government's key worker list

Reacting to the coronavirus outbreak, the UK government has outlined which jobs are essential to help businesses plan ahead. In response to this, Chief UK Policy Director, Matthew Fell said:

"Defining which workers are critical to the national effort is a difficult task. Today’s list will help business and individuals to plan. But the need for different jobs will change in the weeks ahead, so the list must be kept under constant review with additions where necessary."

20 Mar 2020

CBI responds to the Spring Budget

CBI Director-General Carolyn Fairbairn has welcomed measures announced in the Chancellor's first Budget, saying:

“Overall, today’s budget is a powerful signal to firms at home and abroad that the UK can and will manage the immediate challenges and long-term opportunities in parallel.”

11 Mar 2020

On the lowering of interest rates by the Bank of England

Measures to help the flow of credit and support businesses potentially facing cash flow issues could make a real difference in the weeks ahead, said Rain Newton-Smith, CBI Chief Economist. She added:

"All eyes are now on the Chancellor today to do his part. This is a timely, proportionate response to a serious situation, though it's vital policy is kept under review as things improve."

11 Mar 2020

CBI responds to the Prime Minister's announcement on sick pay

Clarity about employers’ responsibilities is important in this unprecedented situation. It is vital that sick pay rules don’t encourage people to ignore public health guidance, said CBI Deputy Director-General Josh Hardie. He added:

"The CBI is providing insight to Government on other steps that businesses can take to make it as easy as possible to follow public health guidance, and what government can to do ensure businesses are always able to do the right thing."

04 Mar 2020

CBI responds to proposals to lift block on onshore wind competing in CfD auctions

CBI Head of Energy and Climate Change James Diggle has welcomed proposals to lift of the block on onshore wind competing in Change for Difference (CfD) auctions. He added:

“This is an important move that will not only make the UK’s journey to net-zero more achievable, but also more affordable for consumers by using the cheapest available technologies that can deliver real benefits to the wider economy.”

02 Mar 2020

CBI responds to UK-US trade negotiation objectives

The UK is beginning a brand-new chapter in its global future, and a good trade deal with the US is a vital part of that story, said CBI Director-General Carolyn Fairbairn. She added:

“The US and UK already share the world’s largest bilateral investment relationship; now is the time to use it as a springboard for new jobs and investment here at home.”

01 Mar 2020

On the Government's negotiating mandate

Business recognises the sense of purpose and direction of the Government said CBI Director-General Carolyn Fairbairn. She added:

“Firms understand that this is just the beginning of months of complex talks. The most challenging areas will require flexibility from both sides to find a breakthrough."

27 Feb 2020

On the Court of Appeal ruling on Heathrow expansion

All major projects must be consistent with net zero and it’s clear that the Government and aviation industry need to work closely to agree a robust decarbonisation plan. Deputy Director-General Josh Hardie added:

"This decision risks holding back the very investment in innovation needed to achieve that, and the ambitions of many businesses eager to benefit from greater international connectivity."

27 Feb 2020

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