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Taking strides in the race to net zero

Reaching net zero is a global effort. Through our campaigning and on-the-ground work at COP26, the CBI will represent UK business' initiatives, challenges and successes on the world stage. And, because actions speak louder than words, we'll work to drive real policy outcomes that make a difference.

The Voice of Business: our daily broadcast

Throughout COP, the CBI is bringing the conversations taking place in boardrooms to a global audience. On your behalf, we'll be asking the questions that really matter about net zero.

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Goal 13 Impact Platform

A tool for exploring insights into climate targets, drivers of change, impactful initiatives, barriers to progress and lessons learned. Connect with other organisations to learn or collaborate.

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Race to zero: driving the UK's sustainable future

The UK has a legally binding net zero by 2050 target. Business is at the heart of net zero delivery, and our campaign calls on government to clarify how policy will get the UK on track.

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