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A strong financial services sector is critical to the success of the UK economy. Whether it is through basic banking so employees can be paid and sales made; trade finance to support the UK’s exporters; or efficient capital markets to connect capital across the economy, financial services is a vital enabler of growth.

Top priorities

  • Financial services taxation – Financial services has often borne the brunt of tax changes creating significant uncertainty for businesses. The CBI is making the case for a stable, simple and transparent tax system.
  • The regulatory environment – The CBI is highlighting the cumulative burden of regulatory change which is affecting the sector’s ability to support the wider economy and reducing the UK’s attractiveness as a global financial hub.
  • Trade in financial services – The CBI believes more must be done to expedite trade in financial services and bring the international regulatory and trade landscape in line with today’s global markets and business practices. We continue to push Brussels for a vehicle such as TTIP to move the equivalence debate along for transatlantic trade.

Policy issues affecting the industry

  • Infrastructure finance – We are seeking political clarity on the private investment going into the UK’s infrastructure networks, focusing the policy debate on the unused potential and obstacles holding back productive finance.
  • Innovation – The CBI is ensuring the regulatory framework in which businesses operate is the best possible to foster innovation across the sector. The CBI continues to work with policymakers to refine and redefine regulatory rules for financial services in order to safeguard the time, space and resources necessary to continue producing world-leading innovation in FinTech and beyond.
  • Capital Markets Union – We continue to work in Brussels to ensure that EU regulation supports the sector in providing both traditional and innovative sources of funding to growing companies. Business-led solutions are the key to unlocking a truly single market for capital.
  • Skills & talent – Attracting the best talent from all over the world is key to keeping London as the global hub for financial services. The CBI continues to lobby Government to rethink current policies on immigration and executive pay examine their impact on international competition for talent.
  • Payments – As the UK’s payments industry continues to evolve and adapt to a new life after the revised Directive on Payment Services (PSD2), the CBI is working closely with the Payments Systems Regulator (PSR) to ensure market-led innovation and the needs of business users are at the centre of future improvements to the payments system.
  • Apprenticeship Levy – From 2017, the levy, equivalent to 0.5% of UK wage bills, will prove a significant extra cost [of millions] on the financial services sector. The CBI is working with Government to focus on the levy’s implementation and ensure the programme can deliver skills useful to the sector.

How to get involved

  1. Come to our events – As a member you’ll receive invites to exclusive events - including roundtables, network events and dinners - throughout the year with high profile speakers from business and politics:
    • FS Regulatory environment – We are currently conducting roundtables and dialogues across the UK to analyse the challenges and opportunities to firms regulated by the ‘twin peak’ system. Get in touch with us for more details.
  2. Share your views to influence policy – there are many ways for members to contribute to our work:
    • Capital Markets Union – As attention turns back to the EU’s agenda for a single capital market, we are looking at which initiatives we can champion following work on the Prospectus Regulation and Insolvency harmonisation.
    • Innovation & Fintech – We continue to study the trends of innovation in the financial services sector and looking for new examples for our narrative on creating the right business environment to foster cutting-edge tech in the sector.
  3. Get the latest intelligence – Access to insights from across policy and business direct to your inbox:
    • Up to the minute developments directly from Brussels and our work with BUSINESSEUROPE
    • Initiatives on the OECD and G20 agenda through our work with BIAC and the B20

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