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Net zero cannot just be an ambition: it is a strategic necessity

At a time of global energy uncertainty, net zero cannot just be an ambition: it is a strategic necessity.  Delivering a low-carbon economy is essential for long-term, sustainable growth. Last year, our green economy grew 9% versus 1% for the rest of the economy.  But right now, the UK risks falling behind the global competition on green growth. The EU and US have overtaken us with huge stimulus packages, growing their market share and creating skilled jobs.  We need to accelerate the UK’s transition to net zero, with business at the forefront. 

The change we're calling for

In 2020 the UK was investing the biggest share of GDP of any country in energy transition. Since then we have dropped down the international league table. We may not be able to outspend the global competition, but we can outsmart them – with targeted public spending to catalyse the private capital that will make net zero by 2050 a reality. 

  • A Net Zero Investment Plan to crowd in private finance

  • A targeted green super-deduction for businesses who invest to reduce their carbon emissions

  • A strategic prioritisation process for grid connections

Green growth is everybody’s business

Failing to invest now will only mean bigger costs down the line

Too often the discourse amounts to 'can we afford to go for net zero?' When the real question is ‘can we afford not to?’. If we don’t go for green, we won’t get growth. Not in the long-term.

  • In 2023, when the UK economy overall grew by just 1%, the net zero sector grew by 9%

  • Ongoing damage to nature could lead to a 12 per cent loss in GDP over the next decade

  • Green growth could deliver a GDP boost of up to £57 billion a year by 2030

Net zero for every business

Achieving net zero will require businesses across sectors to make real changes. From business pledges to internal policies, find out more about how your business can be part of the global effort against climate change, and how the CBI is supporting you in the transition.

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