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The CBI serves as the catalyst between industry and government to drive positive change, speaking for businesses of all sizes and sectors across the whole economy, in every UK region and nation, ensuring sustainable growth for the benefit of society.

How can CBI membership support you?


Plan with confidence and mitigate risk to your business through practical guidance and evidence-led analysis. Membership gives you exclusive access to practical guidance that supports and empowers your business.


Shape the business environment to work for you. The CBI regularly meets with the most senior politicians and government officials to share evidence and sentiment from the business community. This gives you a direct line to share your views and steer policy, legislation and spending decisions in the areas that matter most to your business.


Give your team direct access to cross-sector peer networks and topic-specific communities. Attend a variety of conferences, roundtables, working groups and digital events. Our events convene business leaders, subject matter experts and government representatives to give you insight, advice and inspiration.

CBI membership is for every business, including yours

Every member matters. Whatever and wherever your business, no matter how big or how small, you can benefit by being a CBI member. We have offices, events and services provided across the UK to support you.

Any size. Any sector. Any region.

Choose the membership plan that works for your business

  • Membership for smaller firms

    CBI membership includes a network of smaller firms. Our goal is to raise your voice to the heart of government, providing you with the tailored support you need to progress. The CBI is here to elevate your standing as a competitive player in the market. Discover what membership can do for you.

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  • Membership for larger firms

    The CBI provides your leadership team with the tools and resources necessary to advance on your journey and shape UK policy in the areas that affect you the most. Voice your concerns, share your views, showcase best practice and we will advocate for you. Discover what membership can do for you.

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  • Membership for trade associations

    The CBI works with member trade associations to shape the change they need and to ensure we speak for the business community. We provide a feedback loop of economic and political intelligence, opportunities for associations to connect and access to events. Discover what membership can do for you.

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Still need convincing? See what our members think


Through influence, insight, and detailed economic analysis, the CBI is uniquely placed to support and represent you, and to ensure your voice is heard on issues of national importance. Come and help us shape the UK’s future.

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