We drive positive change through

  • Campaigning

    Making a difference means taking a stand. We use the power of a united voice; 190,000 businesses – of every size, sector and from every region. A loud, influential voice, campaigning for real changes to the policies that matter most to business. When we talk, people listen and act.

  • Collaborating

    We bring business and government together. So both have even greater impact. We engage in hundreds of meetings with political stakeholders every year, sharing the real-world business impact of policy decisions with those that make them. All with the view to protect our economy and grow prosperity.

    Bringing business and government together
  • Sharing

    We bring together business leaders hungry for change, enabling them to think big, share best practice and challenge the status quo. Because when we borrow brilliance, and benefit from the power of collective insight, the outcomes are better and reach further than could ever be possible alone.

    Sharing solutions between brilliant minds
  • Empowering

    We empower business with intelligence to make informed decisions and to lay the foundations for success. Insight to benchmark progress, to grow, or to plant firm foundations in turbulent times. Supporting businesses to scan the horizon and anticipate risks, we build prosperity for all.

    Knowing more, anticipating success

We champion the issues that matter the most

Prosperity for all begins with fixing the problems that prevent business from making a difference. We listen to business, understand the issues that impact them the most and we campaign for change. These are the 'prosperity pillars' - where we all need to see change delivered.

  • People and Skills
    People and Skills
    People and Skills

    People sit at the heart of economic prosperity. With good education and the right skills, everyone can succeed. For UK business to thrive, it needs a trained and diverse workforce, supported by the right policy environment and business practice.

  • Infrastructure and Energy
    Infrastructure and Energy
    Infrastructure and Energy

    Effective infrastructure keeps the economy moving. Connectivity helps businesses prosper and cutting emissions is vital to prevent catastrophic global impacts. The CBI develops solutions that deliver the benefits of a connected, green economy.

  • Innovation and Digital
    Innovation and Digital
    Innovation and Digital

    The innovation of new products, processes and technologies drives business productivity and growth. The CBI helps create the conditions that enable businesses to devise new ideas and invest in research and development.

  • Tax and Regulation
    Tax and Regulation
    Tax and Regulation

    Globally competitive tax and regulation is paramount to businesses in the UK. When it comes to issues such as the corporate tax rate and capital investment, stability, simplicity and certainty in policy matters.

  • International Trade
    International Trade
    International Trade

    With goods and services traded globally, easy access to international markets is vital to UK prosperity. As the government recasts trading relationships post-Brexit, now is the time for business to ensure its voice is heard on international issues.

  • Regional Growth
    Regional Growth
    Regional Growth

    Ensuring the benefits of growth are felt in every region across the UK is essential to creating a more prosperous society. We are working to close the productivity gap and ensure the business voice is represented across all regions.

  • Brexit and EU Negotiations
    Brexit and EU Negotiations
    Brexit and EU Negotiations

    The UK-EU relationship significantly affects the way companies run. To invest confidently and create prosperity, business needs a deal that ensures Britain remains open to the world, delivers frictionless trade and gives firms access to great talent.

We do it because business is a force for good

  • 1

    Business creates jobs and opportunities

    Companies hire and train people in skills that transform careers. Improving the circumstances for individuals, families and communities across the UK.

  • 2

    Business innovates and takes risks

    It’s business that takes a scientific breakthrough and turns it into a product that benefits us all. It’s business that scales meaningful inventions so they can be felt around the world. Business takes risks, because the bigger picture is so worthwhile.

  • 3

    Business builds

    It invests in infrastructure – digital, road and rail. It builds the supply chains that carry medicine from the lab in Slough to the village in the Outer Hebrides. It creates the infrastructure that delivers clean water to millions and reunites families across continents.

  • 4

    Business contributes billions of pounds to our economy

    ...paying for the vital services that people use every day. From bin collections and GP appointments, to new classrooms and fixing potholes.

  • 5

    Business lays the foundations for tomorrow’s world

    A world of opportunity for everyone in the next generation, in which every young person has the chance to succeed, regardless of background. Business is inventing our future.

  • 6

    Business looks outwards to the world

    British businesses export goods internationally, sending computer chips to India and puddings to Europe. We import from all corners of the globe to stock supermarkets and pharmacies. British business looks to a global future, working to make our world prosperous and fair – for everyone.

How we're funded

Not for Profit

We do not exist to make a profit.

We exist to drive positive change. We are 100% funded from membership fees from UK businesses and by the sale of our surveys and other products and services.

  • Our products and services

    The CBI is here to help UK business to succeed, so that together we can grow prosperity for all. We support businesses to grow and protect them from external risks. All our products and services are designed to do just that.

  • Events and networking
    Events and networking

    We host over 400 annual opportunities to help business to network, engage, learn, discover and shape change. (Selected events welcome non-members.)

  • Sponsorship

    Helping to get business in front of the right audience. Through sponsorship of CBI events, reports and surveys you'll reach the hard to reach.

  • CBI Economics - Surveys
    CBI Economics - Surveys

    Headed up by Anna Leach, our expert team of economists and survey specialists provides essential market data and independent survey solutions for business.

  • CBI Economics - Analysis
    CBI Economics - Analysis

    Headed up by Chief Economist Rain Newton-Smith, the team gives you access to the intelligence you need to understand the markets and the impact of policy on your business.

We're here to help your business to succeed

Support to address the challenges facing your business. Growing your understanding of the political landscape and what to do. A vast network to share ideas with and grow from.

What do you need help with? What changes do you want to see?
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