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  • Insight Technology

    Manufacturing metrics review

    24 February 2016 - 

    This review looks at data gathering and measurement of modern manufacturing, and how it may be improved in future.

  • Insight Technology

    CBI submission on the National Innovation Plan

    01 February 2016 - 

    Innovation is fundamental to the UK’s future success. It is critical to growth in productivity, business investment and exports, and underpins our prospects for competitiveness as an advanced knowledge-based economy. It benefits individual businesses which innovate or adopt innovations, as well as benefiting society more widely.

  • Insight Technology

    CBI submission on Innovate UK's proposed integration with Research UK

    01 February 2016 - 

    Innovation underpins prosperity. While better alignment between basic research and commercialisation is needed to strengthen UK innovation, integrating Innovate UK into Research UK risks diminishing the impact of Innovate UK and undermining progress made in recent years. 

  • Case study Technology

    Northumbrian Water and Northumbria University - 'Living the drain'

    21 December 2015 - 

    Students from Northumbria University in Newcastle have demonstrated their problem-solving skills by developing a range of behavioural change initiatives to help Northumbrian Water tackle blocked sewers and flooding.

  • Insight Technology

    EU referendum evidence submissions

    08 December 2015 - 

    See CBI submissions to UK Parliament committees and inquiries.

  • Report Technology

    Best in class

    01 December 2015 - 

    With an ambitious national exports targets to double export volumes to £1 trillion by 2020 and get 100,000 more companies exporting, the UK’s export performance has never been more in the spotlight.

  • Insight Technology

    What kind of shopper are you?

    26 November 2015 - 

    It is only five weeks to Christmas! And you need to get a load of presents! Where do you start?

  • Report Technology

    Life in the fast lane

    01 November 2015 - 

    Fast growing medium sized businesses are critical to the UK economy. From talking to high growth companies across the country it is clear there are opportunities for MSBs in every region and sector to scale-up. Ambition and decisions of the leadership are key to setting your business on the right path.

  • Article Business Voice

    Strengthening the network

    30 October 2015 - 

    For Business Voice’s first interview with CBI president Paul Drechsler, Pip Brooking joined him on the road visiting Calor Gas, Aga Rangemaster and a TeachFirst partner school.

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