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    The Future of Trade for the UK: A Guide for Business

    13 February 2017 - 

    With the UK Government set to begin negotiations to leave the EU in early March 2017, the CBI and Clifford Chance have come together to produce a guide for UK businesses seeking to understand the prospect of a new global landscape of trade between the UK and the rest of the world.

  • Report Trade

    A guide to future UK trade negotiations

    17 November 2016 - 

    A Guide To Future UK Trade Negotiations: for mid-sized businesses and SMEs

  • Report Trade

    Delivering prosperity

    30 September 2016 - 

    To deliver prosperity throughout our communities, the UK needs a new era of partnership between government and businesses of all sizes and in all corners of the UK.

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    Sterling Assets report – UK is biggest single investor in USA

    11 August 2016 - 

    The UK remains the largest single investor in the United States of America, supporting over one million jobs across the country, according to the CBI’s annual Sterling Assets report.

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    Accelerating our export drive

    11 April 2016 - 

    4 areas the new government should focus on

  • Insight Trade

    Why Britain's exporting firms are an important part of the EU debate

    01 January 2016 - 

    For hundreds of years, Britain has held a reputation as a trading nation. Does that still hold true?

  • Report Trade

    Best in class

    01 December 2015 - 

    With an ambitious national exports targets to double export volumes to £1 trillion by 2020 and get 100,000 more companies exporting, the UK’s export performance has never been more in the spotlight.

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    10 facts about European Union trade deals

    09 November 2015 - 

    Read our analysis of the impact of European Union trade deals on business in the UK

  • Report Trade

    Choosing our future

    21 October 2015 - 

    Read the business views on the European Union, laying out what the benefits are, what reforms business wants, and how the alternatives to full EU membership shape up

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