Strategic partner

Business innovation is fundamental to economic prosperity. Businesses that bring on new products, processes and technologies become more productive, challenge existing business models, and grow quickly. 

Using our unique position as the premier business organisation, the CBI will bring together expertise from a broad cross section of the business community to example why companies of all sizes and disciplines needs to focus on innovation, Our key themes on the agenda will be:

  • Driving a culture of innovation through your business – Explore how to ensure your workforce embraces innovation and embeds it into their day-to-day work
  • How innovation, especially by start-ups, running into existing business models creates disruption, including discussions with executives who have adopted disruptive technologies with their companies and collaborated with others to seek growth.
  • Discussing a major shift on the horizon as artificial intelligence (AI) gains momentum with 42% of companies planning to invest over the next 5 years.  Outline the business case for digital adoption, providing opportunities for businesses to learn from each other and how technology can be applied.

Further details coming soon, please contact to secure an early space.