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  • Feature

    Jobs for prisoners

    Businesses are helping offenders to build a positive future in employment, one step towards preventing reoffending and reducing the numbers in UK prisons

    9 March 2017  | By Edwin Smith

  • Insight

    Ready for reform?

    Government plans for reform look set to bring higher expectations for corporate governance – it’s time to get ready

    8 March 2017  | By Holly Harkins

  • Community

    Emissions reduction: 6 ideas from the CBI's members

    The CBI has set out how its members believe the UK can step up to the challenge of cutting carbon dioxide output by 57 per cent on 1990 levels by 2030. Business Voice asked two members of the CBI’s Energy Board, industrial gas supplier BOC and energy services company Schneider Electric, for their most effective strategies

    9 March 2017

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