24 September 2015

  |  CBI Updates Team


Business backs a strong climate deal in Paris

Speaking alongside former Vice-President, Al Gore, CBI Director-General, John Cridland, called for a strong climate change deal in Paris to give business the confidence to invest in a low carbon future.

Business backs a strong climate deal in Paris

At the Beyond Paris conference hosted with the Green Alliance, the CBI’s Director-General John Cridland gave the backing of British business to negotiators and politicians to secure a lasting climate deal that that supports investment in a low carbon future. In his speech, John underlined the costs that climate change will impose on businesses though supply chain disruption and risks to assets, while also drawing attention to the opportunities of a green economy. He highlighted that the low-carbon economy grew at more than 7% a year, compared to less than 2% a year over the same period for the UK economy as a whole, making it a high-growth emerging market in its own right.

John welcomed the UK’s leadership on climate policy, but expressed concern that, despite the progress so far, investors are now more uncertain about the UK’s low-carbon future. He also noted that the recent policy changes made by the government send a worrying signal about the UK as a place for low-carbon investment, and risk impacting the UK’s standing on the global stage.

Also speaking at the Conference, former US Vice President, Al Gore, said that business and industry can lead the efforts to tackle climate change through innovation and investment. He also highlighted the UK’s climate leadership position, and called on the government to continue with this as it heads into the Paris negotiations.

Christian Aid Chief Executive, Loretta Minghella, also took to the stage, calling for a long-term environmental plan, followed by a panel session which discussed the prospects for a successful climate deal in Paris, and what this would mean for the UK and the world.

If you missed it, you can watch the live stream of the conference here.

With fewer than 80 days to the close of the UN climate conference in Paris, the CBI will continue to call for a strong global deal that can provide certainty for business to invest in a low carbon future.

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